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ForkLift 3.3.2 is available


  • Chinese localization
  • Czech localization


  • ForkLift displays the same available free disk space as Finder
  • More visible folder size lines in Dark Mode
  • Improved selection label text color in Dark Mode
  • A pinned tab can’t be closed if Pin View is enabled for that tab
  • Permissions popover has become wider in the Connect Panel to show more info
  • Keyboard focus returns to the pane which was selected previously after pressing Esc in the empty Search field


  • Fixes an SFTP authentication problem which was introduced in version 3.3.1
  • In Column View with Commander Key Bindings Backspace goes to the enclosing folder
  • Move Here command on a folder moves the selected file inside the selected folder
  • Paste command from the context menu on a folder pastes the selected file inside the folder
  • Pressing the Delete button in the Feedback popover doesn’t delete the selected file in the active pane
  • In Dark Mode Icon View folder selection doesn’t stay white after changing Appearance while ForkLift is running
  • The Pathbar and the Plus Sign in the Tab Bar doesn’t change color incorrectly after changing Appearance while ForkLift is running
  • The graphics of the Connect Window doesn’t fall apart after changing Appearance while ForkLift is running
  • The Inspector Window has become black in Dark Mode
  • Fixes a visibility issue while renaming a Sidebar Item on Mojave in Light Mode
  • Fixes a connection issue to NFS shares
  • Fixes an issue with the missing localizations of column header labels in all languages
  • Fixes a possible data loss when creating a New Folder with Selection in expanded file view containing files with the same names from different folders
  • Fixes a possible crash in Icon View when Grouping is enabled and the window is resized to the narrowest size before double-clicking on a folder
  • Fixes some Tooltips displaying wrong texts
  • Fixes some minor localization issues
  • Fixes some spelling errors
  • Fixes some minor graphical errors
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.3.2

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