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ForkLift 3.3.8 is available


  • Adds a warning when Delete orphaned items gets checked on the Sync Panel


  • Fixes an issue of restoring default view settings in Column View
  • Fixes an issue of column sizes in new tabs in Column View
  • Fixes some issues with the Undo command
  • Fixes an issue with undoing the Move command after a new location was opened
  • Fixes an issue with redoing Rename
  • Fixes an issue with redoing Move to Trash
  • On Catalina displays the factory installed apps including Utilities in the /Application folder
  • Fixes numerous minor Catalina compatibility issues
  • Fixes an issue with the Open in Forklift command in ForkLift Mini
  • Fixes minor mistakes in the localizations
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.3.8

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