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ForkLift 3.5.3 is available


  • ForkLift uses the system log (Console App) to write FTP logs


  • Improved loading and display of previews of items in Icon View
  • Significantly reduced memory usage during transfer size calculations


  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift couldn’t open items on Google Drive with a plus sign in their names
  • Fixes the jumping around of the progress bar on remote connections on Big Sur
  • Fixes the multi-rename issue on remote connections
  • Fixes the Activities toolbar item that couldn’t be opened with Icon & Text enabled in the toolbar on Big Sur
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.5.3

13 thoughts on “ForkLift 3.5.3 is available

    1. Overall the preview is improved but unfortunately, we have introduced a bug too. If you scroll down or resize the images, the previews will load. This problem will be fixed in the next update.

  1. After this update the previews of items in Icon View (and only in this view) are completely gone : is there a simple way to fix that ? I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled this version with no success … so in the meantime I downgraded to previous version …

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t know what you mean. Please contact us at support [at] binarynights [dot] com and give more details and send a screenshot about this problem, we will look into it.

      1. The old version saves the txt file containing Chinese characters, and the updated version opens the garbled code

  2. Update: Icon view starts working after changing the icon size by means of the slider in bottom right corner. But after changing into another directory, the same problem occurs again.

    1. Sorry for this issue. Changing the size or scrolling loads the previews. This problem will be fixed in the next update.

  3. When the picture thumbnail is replaced with the same name, the thumbnail and the replaced real picture content will not be synchronized

  4. I’m really wanting the interface to Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive. I like your interface better but I end up using Commander when ever I’m working between those two locations. Can you tell us when the ability to directly access Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive will happen? Please put it in before you require the M1 chip..

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