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ForkLift 3.5.7 is available


  • Renaming items on Backblaze B2
  • Moving items on Backblaze B2
  • Displays an error message when a file can’t be updated in the Preview Pane because of missing permissions
  • Added system sound for Empty Trash


  • Updated system sounds


  • Fixes an issue of the sorting order of the selected items in Icon View that caused problems for example during Multi-Renaming
  • The correct folder size is being displayed after a new folder has been created using the name of a recently deleted folder
  • Pressing the Tab key during renaming doesn’t insert a tab character into the name of the item
  • Selection in the Activities window doesn’t get lost when the item list updates
  • Fixes an issue that could cause a possible data loss when moving items over SFTP into a target location with not enough space
  • Fixes an issue where permissions were lost on Amazon S3 after renaming an item
  • Fixes an issue that caused the missing progress indicator during Search in Icon and Column View
  • Fixes an issue where local shares could appear twice in the sidebar
  • Fixes a possible data loss during remote editing
  • Fixes an issue that caused a possible crash when saving a file while remote editing on Amazon S3
  • Fixes a compatibility issue that could cause operations failing on certain WebDAV servers
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.5.7

14 thoughts on “ForkLift 3.5.7 is available

  1. Hello, I am abandoning Pathfinder which been using for years. They have a subscription model where their app quits working if you don’t pay them once subscription expires. Bad move. People will flock to Forklift I think. Seems to have pretty much same features.

    Please do not become subscription based. I don’t mind if you have new paid version with new features. Willing to pay reasonable price for that. But if I don’t do not disable my app.

    Be upfront for how long you will be fixing bugs for an existing version. E.g. 3 years and then EOL it. Don’t get greedy. People are not stupid. They know there are costs but don’t rip them off. They will start looking.

  2. Yeah, your business model sounds fair. As said above I’m fine to buy a new version when comes out. But having subscription for software installed on my Mac is a big NO.

  3. Hi,

    I would like a shortcut/button that toggles from Folders On Top sort order, to the Natural mixed sort and back. I know I can find that option buried in the Show View Options, but it is hidden and should be considered a main level option as it does have something to do with sorting order.


    1. Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, it is not likely that the folders on top setting will be considered a top-level option.

  4. The 3.5.7 version customize toolbar function has bug. I am not able to remove button by dragging it out of.

    1. We are sorry for that! We are aware of the problem with the toolbar, hopefully we will able to fix it in the next update.

  5. I have been testing macOS 13 and am on beta 5 atm. Forklift seem to be really slow whenever I browse my external drive. I didn’t have this problem on Monterey. I should mention my external is formatted in NTFS and I am using NTFS for Mac. My set hasn’t changed since trying the beta of Ventura though.

    1. Further investigation reveals that this is an issue with NTFS for Mac and Ventura and not a Forklift issue. Finder is also pretty slow when accessing NTFS drives. I tried uninstalling NTFS for Mac and it was a little better but not nearly as fast as pre-Ventura. Hopefully this will be fixed in further betas or the full release.

  6. Hi, I am using darkmode but want to use Light Mode in ForkLift. I deactive Dark Mode in settings, but after a restart of ForkLift the settings is active an Dark Mode in ForkLift active. It seems he does not save the settings or overwrite the settings with the MacOs settings. Is this a bug?

    1. It is not possible to use ForkLift in light mode while the OS is in dark mode. If you disable (or enable and then disable) dark mode in the Preferences of ForkLift while the OS is in dark mode, you can use ForkLift in light mode but you have to do that again after you restart ForkLift. We will consider making it possible to use any appearances combination in the future.

  7. dear forklift team,
    may i ask if the sftp client support keyboard-interactive authentication, cause our sftp server implemented the 2nd factor feature and we will have this to be enabled for that case.

    from my testing the cyberduck and winscp clients do support this authentication type and are working well with our sftp server.

    thank you.

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