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ForkLift 3.0.4 is available


  • Adds Touch Bar support
  • Adds Beyond Compare and Araxis Merge to compare tools
  • Adds Hyper to terminal applications
  • Three toolbar buttons have new icon
  • Fixes a possible deadlock on launch when restoring many tabs with turned on folder size calculation
  • Fixes a possible crash when clicking on the minus button at ForkLift > Preferences > Editing
  • Fixes an issue with connecting to the same server through two different ports at the same time
  • Fixes dark mode scroll bar visibility in list view and icon view
  • Fixes an issue with always showing scroll bars
  • Fixes an issue with Command-Option-Drag to create alias
  • Fixes an issue with mounting remote connections in ForkLift Mini
  • Fixes an issue with default file viewer when window stayed in the background
  • Fixes an issue with default file viewer when ForkLift was in full screen
  • Fixes a copy issue when subfolders were also copied to the root directory
  • Fixes an issue with Command-DoubleClick on a folder to open a new tab in list view
  • Fixes an issue with editing a saved synclet where synclet’s name became Untitled
  • Fixes an issue when changing permissions with octal values didn’t update checkboxes
  • Fixes an issue with deleting symlink if the original folder has been already deleted
  • Fixes a file listing issue in some archives
  • Fixes an issue with displaying multiline filename in Sync Preview
  • Fixes an issue with Filter checkbox at Sync settings
  • Fixes an issue with showing the content of a folder with specific name on Amazon S3
  • Fixes German localization
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.0.4

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