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Showing Appreciation to Our Loyal Users – An Important Update

At Binarynights, we greatly value the input and loyalty of our long-standing users. After the release of ForkLift 4 we have received extensive feedback from our dedicated user base expressing their disappointment over the absence of an upgrade path from previous versions of ForkLift. We’ve been deeply pondering how to address this concern and provide a solution that not only compensates those who have already made a purchase but also offers opportunities for those who plan to switch to ForkLift 4 in the future. Our aim is to express our heartfelt appreciation for our existing users.

We recognize that we made a significant mistake by not adequately acknowledging the loyalty of our users. While we tried to structure pricing in a way that would make everyone feel equally valued, we now see that we fell short in recognizing the commitment of our existing user base. To fix this, we have come up with a solution that can equally satisfy users that have already made the transition to ForkLift 4 and those who are thinking about that.

We are offering an additional 100 days of free updates of existing users

We will reward existing users by offering an additional 100 days of free updates. If you purchase a 1 or 2-year license and provide your old license key during the purchase, you will receive 100 extra days of free updates on top of the currently available 100 day bonus, totaling 200 days of additional free updates, equivalent to a 54% discount based on the 1-year license.

Retroactive bonus for users who have already purchased ForkLift 4

For those who have already purchased ForkLift 4, we will introduce a feature within ForkLift where you can enter your old serial number. By doing so, you will also receive an additional 100 days of updates on top of the time included in your license and the initial 100-day bonus, totaling 200 days extra. This way, we will guarantee that there is no discrepancy between users who have already made their purchases early on and those who join later.

We have learned our lesson from this setback, and we sincerely apologize for any frustration this may have caused. Our goal is to rectify this situation and, most importantly, to express our gratitude for your loyalty. We hope that this update will help ease the disappointment that many of you have expressed.

We require some time to put in place the necessary technical infrastructure for these changes. We will keep you updated on the progress.

EDITED TO ADD: Please note that the option to enter the old license key is not available yet. We are currently working on the technical part of making that possible. You will be able to enter the license key on our site when that option becomes available, and the 100 days will be added to your license after that. You can buy a license now, and enter the old key later. We will write a new blog post when that options becomes available, hopefully, very soon.

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Introducing ForkLift 4

Elevating Your File Management Experience

We are thrilled to announce the release of ForkLift 4, the next evolution of your favorite file manager and file transfer app. After years of hard work and dedication, utilizing the latest technology, we’ve completely rewritten ForkLift to bring you a more responsive, visually stunning, and feature-packed experience. Get ready to explore a new world of efficiency, speed, and style with ForkLift 4!

What’s New in ForkLift 4?

Blazing Speed

ForkLift 4 is faster than ever before. We have optimized every aspect of the app to ensure lightning-fast performance. Whether you’re browsing files, transferring data, or managing your storage, you’ll notice a significant improvement in speed. You will experience the biggest change in performance when you’re synchronizing files.

Modern and Elegant Design with Customization Options

We believe that a great user experience begins with a beautiful interface. ForkLift 4 sports a sleek, modern design that not only looks fantastic but also enhances usability. Navigating through your files has never been more visually appealing. But that’s not all—ForkLift 4 also comes with a range of predefined themes, giving you the opportunity to tailor the app’s appearance to your preferences. Plus, creative users can even craft their own custom themes, making ForkLift 4 truly yours in every way.

Enhanced Protocol Compatibility for a Modern File Sharing Landscape

In the dynamic world of file sharing, adaptability is crucial. Recognizing the evolving importance of cloud service providers, we’ve broadened ForkLift 4’s protocol support to make connecting to various devices and networks easier than ever before. Whether you’re working with traditional protocols like FTP and SFTP or embracing the latest trends, ForkLift 4 has you covered.

Our Newly Added Protocols: Dropbox, Google Drive Team Drives, and Microsoft OneDrive

We understand that cloud service providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive have become pivotal in today’s file sharing ecosystem. In response to this changing landscape, we’ve integrated support for these platforms. This ensures that you can seamlessly manage and transfer files not only using the latest cloud services but also with the familiar and popular options you’ve come to rely on.

Bug Fixes and User Wishes Granted

We’ve been listening to your feedback and addressing your concerns. In ForkLift 4, we’ve squashed numerous bugs and implemented user-requested features. Your experience is our priority, and we’re committed to making ForkLift the best file manager for you.

Just a few highly requested features added to ForkLift 4:

  • Option to save view options for specific folders
  • Synchronization of favorites through iCloud
  • Option to color the icons in the sidebar
  • Connecting to Amazon S3 buckets with bucket level only permissions and using two factor authentication
  • Search within content with Spotlight
  • Direct connections to cloud service providers including Google Team Drives
  • Option to use automatic name column width
  • The tools now have the capabilities of a native shell, enabling remote editing as well

Introducing Our New Business Model

With ForkLift 4, we’re introducing lifetime licenses to a wider user base. The ForkLift lifetime licenses come with a defined period of free updates, allowing you to enjoy the latest features, improvements, and security enhancements.

Here’s how it works: After your specified free update period, you can continue using the last version of ForkLift covered by your license indefinitely—it’s yours to keep and use. If you’re eager to stay at the forefront of innovation and take advantage of the freshest updates, simply purchase a new license.

We believe this new business model strikes the perfect balance between providing value to our loyal users and ensuring the sustainability of ForkLift’s development. At the same time, you have the freedom to choose when and how you want to access the latest and greatest ForkLift has to offer.

How to Get ForkLift 4

Visit our Store to explore ForkLift licensing options, including single-user, family, and small business licenses. Each license type offers a choice of 1 or 2 years of free updates.

To celebrate this release, for a limited time only, we are offering an incredible deal: with each new license, enjoy an additional 100 days of free updates.

Read the ForkLift 4 Quick Start Guide to become familiar with essential information about the app.

We have been on a mission to make ForkLift 4 the number one force in file management. It is clean, fast and robust. – Download ForkLift 4 now!

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ForkLift 4 beta 11 is available

This update includes several additional bug fixes, including one that addresses a potential crash that may occur when users rearrange the tabs. This bug was the final one among the outstanding issues that frequently caused crashes, and it was important to us to resolve it before the official release of Forklift 4.


  • It is possible to move the focus from the Search field to the active pane with the Tab key
  • Fixes an issue during synchronization when in some cases the Sync Window didn’t display any items until one of the settings was changed
  • Fixes an issue of excessive memory usage during large sync operations
  • Fixes a possible crash when moving tabs
  • Fixes a display issue in the Welcome Window when changing themes
  • Fixes a possible crash when using source control management

Download ForkLift 4 beta 11

ForkLift 4 beta 10 is available

We have fixed some issues in the previous beta. Hopefully, the final version is coming soon.


  • Backblaze B2 rename
  • Backblaze B2 move operation inside a bucket


  • Fixes an issue that makes it impossible to open and preview items inside an archive when the archives were treated as folders
  • ForkLift asks for permission to send notifications
  • Fixes a possible crash during sync
  • Fixes a possible crash when moving multiple folders on servers
  • Fixes a possible crash when deleting apps with the App Deleter
  • Fixes an issue that caused empty favorite groups to be overwritten with newly created favorite groups

Download ForkLift 4 beta 10

ForkLift 4 beta 9 is available

If everything goes well, this will be the last beta version before the final release of ForkLift 4. This version includes a lot of fixes and improvements. The welcome window appears again after you start ForkLift for the very first time. If you weren’t able to import your favorites from ForkLift 3 before because of the missing welcome window, then with beta 9 installed, you can do that. You can read here how you can force the welcome window to appear.


  • Option to create a Shared Drive on Google Drive
  • Imports workspaces from ForkLift 3
  • Path bar displays the available free space and the size of the selected items
  • Redesigned conflict window, which also shows the sizes of the conflicting items and indicates on which sides the new and existing items are located
  • Full German and Hungarian localization


  • The popover, which shows the devices when clicked on the drive icon in the path bar, also shows the mounted drives of the shares
  • Creating a new folder with selection is faster
  • On some FTP servers, which aren’t set up correctly, the missing last letter of folders is displayed correctly
  • It is possible to make the Preview Pane wider
  • It is possible to copy the URL of Dropbox items when you are connected directly to Dropbox via ForkLift
  • Updated Compress with Options window, the Zip with Password option can be selected from the drop-down menu


  • Fixes an issue that prevented the Welcome Window to appear and importing the favorites from ForkLift 3 through the Welcome Window
  • Inside a search, Show in Enclosing Folder opens the selected item in a new tab
  • Fixes a visibility issue in the Welcome Window in dark mode
  • Fixes issues that prevented the file list from updating in certain cases
  • Fixes an issue that prevented column view from remembering the column widths
  • Added longitude as a displayed metadata information
  • Fixes an issue that prevented column view from updating after deleting a folder
  • Fixes an issue that made the Group by toolbar button stop working in some rare cases
  • Fixes an issue that prevented the theme from changing inside the panes in column view
  • An item gets selected after an item gets deleted in column view
  • Go > Enclosing Folder works in column view
  • Fixes an issue where workspaces weren’t applied correctly in certain cases
  • Go to Folder selects the file in the file view when the path points to a file
  • Fixes an issue with the log in the Preview Pane that caused the log to show only 10 entries
  • Fixes an issue that prevented ForkLift from opening certain folders that had restricted items inside them
  • Fixes Open in New Tab in the path bar
  • Fixes an issue with the text color after an error message was displayed in certain themes
  • Fixes an issue with the selection color in the inactive pane in Icon View
  • Fixes an issue with the icon previews in Icon View
  • Fixes a file view update issue with the lock icon after locking an item
  • Fixes issues with the Compress with Options feature
  • Fixes an issue that prevented the sync update mode from being saved when editing a sync favorite
  • Fixes various issues with the Keep Both conflict handling rule
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 9

ForkLift 4 beta 8 is available

The biggest addition to this new update are the Google Shared Drives inside Google Drives.


  • Google Team Drives are available inside the Google Drive account after connection with ForkLift


  • Quick Open searches also in the middle of the words if at least three characters are typed in
  • Descending order added to “Sort by” in the toolbar
  • Option to extract Archives by dragging a file out of the archive when the archives are treated as folders
  • Copy paste to copy items on remote connections
  • Renaming items by dragging them over the rename favorite in the sidebar
  • Adding remote favorites by dragging them over the sidebar


  • Fixes an issue that caused the application to crash when the Stop and Skip buttons were clicked
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 8

ForkLift 4 beta 7 is available

A highly requested feature, automatic column resizing in list view has been added to this new update. This is a behavior that some users will find very useful but others won’t, so we have made it possible to choose between the two behaviors. The feature can be turned on and off in the View Options (Command-J) by toggling the “Always resize name column” option. That setting is global, so it is not possible to use individual column resizing options in different tabs or windows.

By using a workaround, we were able to allow users to close the tabs with the middle mouse button.

We were able to fix a possible crash during synchronization, which was responsible for a big part of all the crash reports that we have received during beta testing. We also fixed the empty activities issue, which was affecting some users in the latest betas.

Check out all the changes in ForkLift 4 beta 7:


  • It is possible to resize the Sync Window, the size gets saved and next time, the Sync Window reopens using the same size
  • Option to select a device by clicking on the icon in the path bar
  • It is possible to close tabs with the middle mouse button
  • Automatic name column width. This option can be toggled in the View Options. That setting is a global setting
  • Shortcuts can be restored individually in the Settings by right-clicking and selecting “Restore Default”
  • It is possible to hide the extension of items in the Info Window
  • It is possible to lock an item in the Info Window
  • It is possible to restore the Default View Settings from the View menu. The Default View Settings can be saved by the user on the View Option panel.


  • It is possible to close the Settings window with the Esc key
  • It is possible to open a favorite inside the Favorite Manager with the Return key
  • Alt-Clicking the “Group by” icon in the Toolbar modifies the icon to “Sort by” the same way as in Finder


  • Fixes a possible crash when synchronizing
  • Fixes a display issue of the permissions in the Permissions Column in list view when the text size was very big
  • Fixes an issue where folders with dots in their names were displayed as files instead of folders
  • Fixes a possible hang on network drives while updating folder sizes
  • Fixes an issue in list view when the focus jumped back to the selected item when you scrolled to a new location and expanded a folder
  • Fixes the issue that resulted in an empty Activities Window with ongoing activities
  • Fixes the issue of transparent tabs in Dark theme. The tabs remain somewhat transparent to enable better differentiation among tabs
  • Fixes an issue with the Resize columns to fit feature in Column View
  • Fixes an issue with newly saved Workspaces
  • Fixes an infinite loop when ForkLift tried to calculate the size of all folders but it couldn’t because of missing permissions
  • Fixes an issue when only the generic icons of items were displayed
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 7

ForkLift 4 beta 6 is available

This update mainly fixes some issues introduced in beta 5: manually added private keys should work again, syncing and replacing existing files should work, and changing and applying permissions is possible again.


  • Fixes an issue where the name of a favorite group was shorter in the sidebar than its actual size
  • Fixes an issue, which made it impossible to sync or replace items that already existed
  • Fixes an issue where there was no floating Info Window displayed of the parent folder when there was no selection inside the folder
  • Fixes an issue, which made it impossible to connect to SFTP with a manually added private key
  • Fixes an issue, which didn’t make it possible to open a folder in the default editor app
  • Fixes an issue with wrong tab color in dark mode
  • Fixes an issue with applying and updating permissions

Download ForkLift 4 beta 6

ForkLift 4 beta 5 is available

In ForkLift 4 beta 5, we have changed the Sync Window again and we have made improvements to the toolbar.

During sync, you can exclude empty folders, which makes the synchronization of filtered subitems possible without the need to synchronize empty folders as well.

In the toolbar, one big improvement is that the option to search doesn’t disappear even when you make the window very narrow, you can also search when only text is being displayed in the Toolbar.

There are numerous other improvements and fixes in this beta version as well.


  • Copy Dropbox Link
  • New Amazon S3 regions added


  • Improved copy engine
  • It is possible to copy text from the Info Window/Info Pane
  • Error message is being displayed when the user tries to use a Terminal app that isn’t installed
  • When the connection gets lost to a server when the Mac is sleeping, ForkLift tries to reconnect more effectively
  • Numerous improvements of the Toolbar – For example, it is possible to search if the Search field is not visible or when only text is displayed
  • Improvements to the “Go to Folder” feature
  • Improved Quick Select and Quick Open windows
  • Alert is being displayed when the “Delete orphaned items” is being turned on in the Sync Window
  • Command-Double click to open a folder in a new tab
  • ForkLift remembers collapsed states of boxes in the Preview Pane
  • Redesigned Sync Window
  • Option to ignore empty folders during synchronization


  • Fixes and issue where the size of the icons and text in the sidebar wasn’t the same as in Finder
  • Fixes an issue that made expanding Symlink folders not possible
  • Fixes an issue where the hidden sidebar changed the widths of the panes
  • Fixes an issue where the Date Added didn’t always appear immediately
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to add items to a selection based on their extensions when the extension wasn’t visible
  • Fixes possible crashes in connection with the View Settings (Ejecting a disk, quitting when changed settings weren’t yet applied, etc.)
  • Fixes an issue where the names of themes didn’t refresh after renaming or creating a new one
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to open the View Options when the path bar was hidden
  • Fixes an issue where it was needed to authenticate cloud service providers such as Google Drive every time in the browser when users tried to connect
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to close Search with the Esc key
  • Fixes an issue of file selection after a failed rename operation
  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift didn’t load private keys from the default location
  • Fixes an issue with transparent tabs
  • Fixes an issue where the color tags were displayed as question marks in Icon View
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to work with subitems of an expanded folder after the folder has been renamed
  • Fixes an issue which made it not possible to work with a folder that was renamed in the other pane
  • Fixes an issue where the names of aliases and symlinks to default special folders on macOS weren’t display correctly in languages other than English
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to sort favorites alphabetically in the Favorite Manager
  • Fixes an issue where no Group and Owner was shown on remote connections
  • Fixes an issue where in some cases a drive called Preboot was displayed in the sidebar
  • Fixes an issue where a local path was opened unnecessarily of a favorite when navigating the history in the toolbar
  • Fixes an issue where no progress indicator was shown during search
  • Fixes a graphical issue with Quick panels
  • Fixes a possible hang when renaming multiple items
  • Fixes multiple Quick Select bugs
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 5

ForkLift 4 beta 4 is available

In ForkLift 4 beta 4, we have completely redesigned the Info Window as a standalone window and as part of the Preview Pane. The changes in the permissions have to be applied to take effect. As a new feature, it is also possible to calculate the folder size inside the Info Window.

Another big new feature is the Theme Editor. We accidentally left the in-house theme editor in the previous beta version. The user demand for a real theme editor was so high, that we decided to make an easy-to-use theme editor that you can now use to create your own themes.

We have also added the highly requested Warp app as a Terminal app.

We made some changes to the copy engine, copy operations should be faster too.

There are numerous other new features, improvements and fixes in this version.

Check out beta 4 and let us know what you think of it. Please only report new bugs and issues that we listed as fixed but are still available in ForkLift 4 beta 4.


  • Option to create and save your own themes – Themes can be created and edited under ForkLift > Settings > Themes
  • “New Favorite” and “New Favorite Group” menu items added to the Favorites menu
  • Tooltips of the Toolbar buttons
  • Tooltips of the icons in the Preview Pane
  • Type Select inside the Favorite Manager
  • “Close Other Tabs” context menu item of tabs
  • Default Folder X integration to detect ForkLift window
  • Completely redesigned Info Window
  • “Apply” button in the Info Window to apply changes in the Permissions
  • Option to calculate folder size in the Info Window
  • The “Esc” button is not hard coded to open Quick Open. Quick Open has no default keyboard shortcut, the desired shortcut can be added in the Settings of ForkLift
  • Same keyboard shortcut as in Finder (Command-Shift-.) to show and hide invisible items
  • Warp as a new Terminal application that can be selected in the Settings


  • SSH config handles case sensitivity and comments
  • Deleting favorite groups from the sidebar is possible
  • New, more visible Edit button in the toolbar
  • Context menu item “Duplicate” added to favorites in the Favorite Manager
  • It is possible to expand and collapse favorite groups with the arrow keys in the Favorite Manager
  • Sound effects after the completion of file operations
  • Enhances the presentation of the items in the Activities section inside the Preview pane to display more data
  • Improved Apple Script implementation
  • Command-Click to open a favorite in a new tab
  • Option-Click to open favorite in the inactive pane
  • The Date columns can be made narrower and the short form of the Date doesn’t contain the “Time”
  • Enhanced, faster copying
  • When the selected theme doesn’t exist any longer, the theme defaults to the system theme
  • Date added gets updated immediately, which fixes numerous issues caused by the missing date


  • Fixes an issue where after a failed move operation the source file could be deleted
  • Fixes an issue where no warning was shown when deleting a favorite from the sidebar
  • Fixes an issue with the displayed path in the path bar when “Show in Enclosing Folder” was selected during a search
  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift couldn’t get the bucket region on Digital Ocean Spaces
  • Fixes an issue which made the text in the sidebar smaller
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to add a favorite in the Favorite Manager
  • Fixes an issue where the favorite moved to the last position within its favorite group after it had been edited
  • Fixes an issue where the size of the Preview Pane wasn’t restored correctly after a restart
  • Fixes a possible FTP TLS data loss issue
  • Fixes an issue with the alternating backgrounds when switching between the system appearance themes
  • Fixes an issue where the window title wasn’t refreshing
  • Fixes an issue where “$SOURCE_SELECTION_PATHS” didn’t handle names with spaces in them correctly
  • Fixes an issue with “Calculate Folder Size”
  • Fixes an issue where the shortcut “Command-Shift-E” to eject a drive didn’t work
  • Fixes an issue where all shares with the same name on different machines got highlighted in the sidebar
  • Fixes a display issue of the About ForkLift window when the System theme was dark but the ForkLift theme was light
  • Fixes an issue where file selection got lost when the files were grouped
  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift displayed an error message when it couldn’t reopen a folder that was deleted in the meantime, the starting directory opens instead
  • Fixes an issue where the text in the Go to Folder pop-up remained white the theme in ForkLift was light but the theme of the OS was dark
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 4