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ForkLift 3.1.1 is available


  • Preview now can playback audio and video files, scroll between pages of documents
  • Significantly improves performance of loading high resolution images in Preview
  • Updated Amazon S3 framework
  • Supports newest Amazon S3 regions, EU (Paris) and China (Ningxia)
  • Improves transfer speed on Amazon S3 – upload can be twice as fast as than the previous version when uploading large files
  • Improves transfer speed on local network volumes – copy can be twice as fast as than the previous version
  • Fixes a possible crash when choosing Dropbox sync twice at Preferences
  • Fixes a possible crash with Copy URL when using only forward slashes as Base URL
  • Fixes a possible crash with File Type rule in Sync filter
  • Fixes a possible crash when opening a custom tool with Quick Open
  • Fixes a possible crash when uploading a folder with a symlink inside that points to the enclosing folder
  • Fixes a possible dataloss with sequence Multi Rename action
  • Fixes a listing issue in shared Google Drive folders
  • Fixes an issue with mounting Google Drive as disk in ForkLift Mini
  • Fixes an issue when uploading to Google Drive with enabled transfer throttling
  • Fixes an issue with opening a Google Drive favorite saved in Connent Panel
  • Fixes an issue with cancelling authenticated deletion
  • Fixes an issue with changing permissions on Amazon S3
  • Fixes an handshake issue during transfer on an FTP TLS server
  • Fixes an issue with enabled ‘Ask for confirmation for drag operations’ option
  • Fixes an issue with hiding advanced options of Google Drive connection in the Connect Panel
  • Fixes an issue with drag and dropping a Multi Rename action
  • Fixes an issue with Reveal in ForkLift
  • Fixes an issue with saving changes of an existing tool
  • Fixes an issue with pressing Delete key during rename
  • Fixes an issue with using Quick Look on contents of archives
  • Numerous other fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.1.1

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