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ForkLift 3.2.3 is available


  • New and faster Amazon S3 engine that also supports S3 compatible services
  • Create encrypted archives or choose from multiple archive formats (Command-Option-Shift-M)
  • Spanish localization
  • Swap Panes toolbar button
  • Default Folder X integration


  • Improved speed of expanding folders with many files inside in List View
  • Server field trims the host address to exclude accidentally pasted whitespaces


  • Fixes a heavy memory usage issue when downloading from SFTP
  • Fixes a possible crash when opening an SMB favorite from Favorite Manager
  • Fixes a possible dataloss when copy started even if there would not be enough space
  • Fixes an issue that caused keyboard shortcuts and creating folders to stop working
  • Fixes an issue when new window was always opened in List View
  • Fixes an issue when two windows were opened on launch
  • Fixes an issue with preserving modification dates on local network shares
  • Fixes an issue with connecting to a specific WebDAV server
  • Fixes an issue with opening the path of an SMB favorite if share was already mounted
  • Fixes an issue with displaying tags in Column View
  • Fixes an issue with Control-Click in Icon View
  • Fixes an issue that prevented cancelling of archive extraction
  • Fixes an issue with saving auth token when dragging a Google Drive folder to the sidebar
  • Fixes an issue with Go To Folder when pasting full path opened the file
  • Fixes an issue with missing forward slash when using s3:// as base url
  • Fixes an issue that prevented renaming a file if it was opened in Quick Look
  • Fixen an issue with displaying correct size of a sync process in Activities
  • Fixes an issue with switching focus to search result when pressing the Tab key
  • Fixes an issue with disabled ‘Resize columns to fit’ in Column View
  • Fixes an issue with searching filenames with Umlauts
  • Fixes an issue when remote symlinks could not be opened in Column View
  • Fixes an issue when Sort By did not list items alphabetically
  • Fixes a listing issue on a certain FTP server
  • Fixes an issue with Group By Size sorting
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.2.3

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