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ForkLift 3.5.4 is available


  • Option to disable SMB discovery, which could cause double entries of the same local share in the sidebar. If you want to disable SMB discovery, run the following command in Terminal: defaults write com.binarynights.ForkLift-3 DisableSambaDiscovery true
  • Previews SVG files
  • ForkLift now uses short-lived access tokens when connecting to Dropbox


  • macOS Monterey compatibility improvements
  • Extended timeout period on S3 and Backblaze
  • During Move operations, issues like loss of internet connection or not enough space in the target location can’t lead to the deletion of the source items when the user clicks Skip in the error window to disregard the error message


  • Fixes an issue where a parent folder appeared as its own subfolder on webDAV
  • Fixes a possible memory leak on FTP TLS
  • Fixes an issue where files inside an archive opened in the editor app defined in the Preferences of ForkLift and not in their default apps
  • Fixes a possible crash introduced in version 3.5.3 in Column View, which usually occurred when an item was clicked in the sidebar
  • Fixes the thumbnail loading issue introduced in version 3.5.3 in Icon View: thumbnails were only loaded after scrolling or resizing the thumbnails
  • Fixes an issue where the Quick Select option Select Matches didn’t jump to the match when there was only one match that wasn’t visible in the pane
  • Fixes an issue where permissions weren’t always kept during remote editing
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.5.4

4 thoughts on “ForkLift 3.5.4 is available

  1. Tags (?labels?) do not appear to work. When I add a colored tag via right-click, it does not complain; however, nothing appears in the tags column. If I try adding a tag with the dialog and adding some text, it also disappears. No error message appears either.

  2. Dropbox integration is broken in this version! I cannot copy Dropbox links from Forklift anymore. I have to find the folder/file in the Finder and copy the link from there. Why am I even using Forklift at this point? It’s been months and no fix.

    1. The Copy Dropbox Link feature isn’t broken.

      Please open ​this link and sign in to your account if you aren’t already:

      Under the connected apps you should see one or two ForkLift instances. ForkLift(Sharing) allows you to share for example the Dropbox links. Click on the arrow next to ForkLift(Sharing) and click on Disconnect to disconnect Dropbox(Sharing) from ForkLift.

      Go back to ForkLift and try to copy the Dropbox link of an item in your Dropbox folder. In a browser window, ForkLift should ask for permission to access your Dropbox. Allow access.

      ​Check if the link was copied. If it wasn’t, then try to copy a Dropbox link again, if ForkLift asks for permission again, then open the Keychain Access app (Applications > Utilities) and search for the term Dropbox and delete all com.binarynights.ForkLift-3.dropbox.authv2 entries. Try to copy the link in ForkLift again.

      If ForkLift copies the link, then restart ForkLift and try to copy a link again. It is possible that ForkLift will ask for the access again, allow access. Check if copying works as expected. If it does, restart ForkLift and try to copy a link again, ForkLift shouldn’t ask for permission again and copying Dropbox links should work.

      If copying doesn’t work after you deleted the entries from the Keychain, then try to restart ForkLift and try to copy a link again. Allow access again. You can a little bit play around with disconnecting ForkLift from Dropbox and deleting the entries from the Keychain.

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