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ForkLift 3.0.8 is available


  • ForkLift has been updated to Swift 4 – over 30000 changes in the code
  • Improves macOS 10.13 High Sierra compatibility
  • Adds APFS cloning support
  • Adds Google Drive support
  • Adds Rename button to Touch Bar
  • Improves speed when switching tabs
  • Extends Compare feature to folders
  • Updated Dropbox framework and sidebar icon
  • Adds Option-F8 (Delete) shortcut to Commander key binding set
  • Adds ability to rearrange groups in Favorite Manager by using drag and drop
  • Fixes a possible crash when clicking on the Refresh toolbar button with opened Favorite Manager
  • Fixes a possible crash when ForkLift tried to restore a connection that asked for password
  • Fixes a possible crash when copying url on S3 or Rackspace connected from the connect panel
  • Fixes a possible crash when a custom tool caused crash because of missing launch path
  • Fixes a heavy cpu usage on a mounted network volume in column view
  • Fixes an issue with connecting to a specific WebDAV server
  • Fixes an encoding issue with UTF8 on SFTP servers
  • Fixes an issue with dragging a file to AirMail resulted in creating an alias
  • Fixes the compress toolbar button
  • Fixes keyboard selection, now it jumps to the next file as before
  • Fixes an issue with activity info when it was delayed while copying thousands of files
  • Fixes an issue with ‘Delete orphaned items’ option that prevented listing items in the Sync preview
  • Fixes a text encoding issue that prevented listing files with special characters in their name on NFS, ENCFS, and pCloud volumes
  • Fixes an issue on a certain WebDAV server where transfers were failing
  • Fixes an issue with uploading large files to a specific WebDAV server
  • Fixes an issue on WebDAV servers where files were uploaded twice
  • Fixes an FTP connection issue with passive address
  • Fixes an issue with displaying modification date on certain FTP servers
  • Fixes an issue with displaying modification date on FTP servers with different localizations
  • Fixes an issue with custom compare tools on remote servers
  • Fixes an issue with pausing items in the activity queue
  • Fixes an issue with drag and dropping files to Outlook
  • Fixes an issue with saving sync arrow states (excluding items from sync) in the synclet
  • Fixes an issue with the case sensitive checkbox at multi rename
  • Fixes an issue with creating a bucket when connected to two s3 connections
  • Fixes an issue with ejecting drives, disks, and image files
  • Fixes checking target folder permissions
  • Fixes an issue with remounting a previously mounted password protected image file
  • Fixes an issue with reconnecting when ssh daemon is terminated
  • Fixes sending CLOSE command after disconnecting from an FTP server
  • Fixes an issue with drag and dropping items onto the icon in Icon View
  • Fixes a caching issue when dragging and replacing an empty folder
  • Fixes an issue with deleting files from Google Drive File Stream
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.0.8

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