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ForkLift 3.0.9 is available


  • Fixes a possible crash when adding or applying a sync filter
  • Fixes a possible crash when network connection was lost during transfers on FTP connections
  • Fixes a possible crash in preview when packages with special file extension were selected
  • Fixes a possible crash when renaming a file listed in Group by Tags sorting
  • Fixes a possible crash when changing shortcuts
  • Fixes a possible crash after clicking Connect for the second time during Google Drive authorization process
  • Fixes a possible crash when dragging a group in favorite manager on macOS Sierra
  • Fixes a possible deadlock when dragging files with enabled keyboard selection on remote volumes
  • Fixes a heavy cpu usage on mounted network volumes in column view
  • Fixes an issue with duplicating files and folders on remote connections
  • Fixes a listing issue in iCloud Drive library
  • Fixes an issue with drag and dropping files and folders to tabs
  • Fixes an issue with displaying tooltips on long filenames in all view modes
  • Fixes an issue with restored remote connections were opened in both panes previously
  • Fixes an issue with dragging files to Trash in column view
  • Fixes an issue with remote editing when files were opened twice after double-clicking on them
  • Fixes an issue with displaying wrong transfer information in Activity on WebDAV connections
  • Fixes an issue with ejecting drives, remote and mounted volumes, and disk images
  • Fixes an issue with connecting to Google Drive favorite added from sidebar or favorite manager
  • Fixes an issue with editing files on mounted remote volumes resulted in adding NUL to the end of the document
  • Fixes an issue with randomly appeared folder sizes on mounted network volumes
  • Fixes an issue with the path bar in column view
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.0.9

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