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ForkLift 3 Spring Sale – 50% OFF [Update: It’s over]

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we have kicked off a huge spring sale. Now is the time to score the best deal on ForkLift if you’ve always wanted to take advantage of the dual pane layout and the incredible speed of ForkLift 3 to manage your files.
All licenses are 50% off for a limited time.

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In case you haven’t made up your mind about ForkLift yet, here are some quotes from the latest articles about ForkLift:

With dual file management panes, numerous file transfer protocol support, impressive transfer speeds due to the program leveraging multiple connections to accelerate operations, and even its own application removal console for removing programs, ForkLift 3 is a capable utility full of features that more than pulls its weight.TechRepublic

We stick to our opinion: ForkLift is the best macOS Finder replacement you can find today. It packs so many features to compensate the shortcomings of Finder. We found it really easy to navigate, access and manage files using ForkLift 3. As we said, the UI is pretty simple and you may not like if you are looking for something so grand.

Compared to Finder, it’s stable, faster and more flexible. While both have the similar basic structure, there are differences when it comes to advanced features. We really loved how easy it is to manage files from two or more locations. It’s also great to easily set up and use remote connections. On a pro note, you can actually get rid of dedicated Google Drive app if you have ForkLift. You just have to enable Sync feature.

We’d recommend ForkLift as the ultimate Finder replacement regardless of who you are — a professional, a student or someone just wandering around macOS.The Sweet Bits

ForkLift was the clear winner of the entire speed test. ForkLift reached the first place in 80% of the tested scenarios. It also had the best combined execution times using each and every tested protocol. ForkLift completed all 20 tasks together almost twice as fast as the second fastest tool and more than four times as fast as the slowest tool.Binarynights Speed Test

Download ForkLift 3.3.3Buy ForkLift 3 Now

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