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ForkLift 3.3.4 is available



  • Improved workspace handling – When a workspace is opened, the old tabs get closed and the tabs of the saved workspace open in the ForkLift window
  • Drag and Drop to Symlink and Alias


  • Fixes missing localization of column headers in some languages
  • Fixes some localization issues
  • Fixes possible upload errors which occurred when high number of files were being uploaded simultaneously to Google Drive
  • Fixes some display issues of truncated texts in some languages
  • ForkLift doesn’t display the same app multiple times in the Open with context menu if it is present multiple times in the OS
  • Fixes an issue during Sync which caused the recalculation of the remaining time, size and speed for every folder being synced
  • Fixes an issue in the Multi-rename window where replacing text was not possible if the Occurrences field was set to All
  • Fixes an issue where hidden files were not visible on certain FTP servers
  • Some performance improvements and numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.3.4