ForkLift 3.5.1 is available

If you use ForkLift 3.5, then you won't be able to update to version 3.5.1 from within ForkLift. Please download and install ForkLift 3.5.1 from here


  • Fixes a connection issue to SFTP with passphrase protected private key introduced in version 3.5
  • Fixes file accessibility issue on webDAV introduced in version 3.5
  • Fixes the missing English language in the application updater (Sparkle)

Download ForkLift 3.5.1

4 thoughts on “ForkLift 3.5.1 is available”

  1. lls says:

    Hi, the Forklift mini icon has disappeared. It is activated in the Pref. panel, but still missing in the top menu bar (on my macbool pro – OS v11.0.1)

    1. agnesbinary says:

      Sorry for this. We will fix this issue very soon. Until then, you can either update macFUSE through the System Preferences or install it from here: If you don’t want to install macFUSE, then please wait for the fix, which will be released on Monday or Tuesday.

  2. Gustav says:

    Spotted some Google drive issues in this version.
    In of itself, tbe Google drive support seems to be working as it did previously, yet folders containing some special characters (“+” in my case) seem to be inaccessible and inoperable.
    Hope this can be fixed in the next one since it is an otherwise marvelous piece of software!

    1. agnesbinary says:

      Sorry for this. We will try to fix this soon.

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