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15 thoughts on “ForkLift 3.5.2 is available

  1. I installed 3.5.2 and found Forklift Mini no longer works. It appears in the menu bar as before, but will not mount servers as disks. No error message is displayed.

      1. Thanks, this did it — though it should be noted that there’s a security setting to toggle, not immediately obvious (in my case, only became clear on getting a Fuse update error and systems pref. hang, and restarting), and a restart.

  2. Google drive no longer functional, after installing the 3.5.2. update.
    The root directory of the Google Drive opens, while it is impossible to open or operate any of the subfolders.

    The error message says:
    ” The item can’t be opened
    The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory”

    Hope this can be fixed.

    All else seems to work great, as usual!

    1. Please quit older ForkLift versions if they are running and restart ForkLift 3.5.2. Connect to Google Drive as a new connection (Command-K) and check if everything works. If it does, then delete old favorites and create new ones. If it doesn’t, then please send us an email.

  3. Looks like “check for update” works only first time (at least it pops up), then nothing happens.
    PS. Request for “Size” and “Date Modified” format customization and adding them to “Sync to” window.

    1. Do you see this issue in ForkLift 3.5 or in 3.5.2? Because of a bug, ForkLift 3.5 can be updated only manually. Please quit ForkLift and move it to the Trash. Download and install the latest version. Move the app into the Applications folder. Check for updates should work in version 3.5.2. The date format can be modified in the System Preferences, depending on the size of the column, ForkLift displays the short, medium and full date formats (System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced > Dates) and the short time format (System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced > Times). Regarding the size: do you want to have the option to display the exact size in bytes? Do you want to have the option to display the dates and sizes next to/below each item in the sync window?

      1. It is 3.5.2. Previously update check worked fine.
        Thank you – fixed date format through system preferences.
        Yes, the exact size in bytes will be helpful.
        Option to display dates and sizes next to each item in the sync window will be perfect.

        1. Isn’t a you’re up to date pop-up displayed after ForkLift starts to search for a new update?

  4. It pops up a window with progress bar for 1/10 sec and then auto closes. Next time I click on check on updates nothing happens.

      1. Removed and reinstalled app – it works now without problems.
        Sorry, looks like false alarm. Anyway, thank you for your time.

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