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ForkLift 3.5.8 is available


  • More date presets in the “Add Date” multi-rename module in the Multi-Rename Window


  • Fixes the typo in the word Occurrences in the Multi-Rename window
  • Fixes an issue that made it impossible to transfer files from the location /System
  • Fixes an issue in the Multi-Rename window that caused the addition of a “d” character to the extension when changes were applied to “Name with dot”
  • Fixes an issue which caused ForkLift to ignore the port number of SMB connections set on the Connect Panel
  • Fixes an issue that allowed a certain kind of navigation in the file view while renaming an item, which caused several problems such as overlapping file names, the inability to rename another file, or the display of the previously selected item in a different location
  • Fixes an issue that allowed users to insert a line into the file name with the Alt-Return keyboard shortcut in rename mode
  • Fixes an issue where after a long upload ForkLift incorrectly displayed an error message that the upload wasn’t successful because the connection was closed
  • Fixes an issue that caused some shares appear twice in the sidebar
  • Fixes an issue that made it impossible to remove icons from the Toolbar, introduced in version 3.5.7
  • Fixes an issue that allowed to expand folders in the Search results with the Right Arrow key
  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift didn’t display an error message when some parts of an archive couldn’t be extracted and the unextractable files were missing from the extracted folder seemingly without a reason
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 3.5.8

15 thoughts on “ForkLift 3.5.8 is available

    1. We are working on version 4, we don’t have a release date yet. We will let everybody know as soon as the app is ready for beta testing.

      1. Do you think these beta testing has a chance to happen this year or is it a pipe dream and 2023 is a more plausible term?

    2. I have 3.5.8 but don`t know, if it is until this version…

      Got an phpbb installation and wanted to update.
      Marked the whole bunch of files to aupload, it comes the message “…already exists…”
      I click “use for all” & “Replace”.
      Then it comes in 90% of all directories: “The object XY can`t be copied….no such file or directory”

      With this, Forklift is useless for me.

    1. It will be possible to connect to OneDrive as a remote server in ForkLift 4. In ForkLift 3 you can access your OneDrive account if you use the OneDrive app. On the latest macOS versions OneDrive doesn’t automatically appear in the sidebar of ForkLift. You can add OneDrive to the sidebar: Open Go > Go to Folder from the menu and paste this path into the pop-up and hit Enter: ~/Library/CloudStorage Drag the OneDrive folder into the sidebar to add it as a favorite.

      1. So, can we expect that in ForkLift 4 you will implement status icons (downloaded/in cloud/downloading/in sync etc.) for files located in OneDrive/Dropbox or iCloud folders (not sure here)?

        And one more thing, if I can ask. Will the next version of ForkLift allow to save viewing layout for each folder (similar to Finder) – is it even planned? I’m asking, because if not, than I will try to accept it and get used to the current solution (without false hope).

  1. We will make it possible to connect to Dropbox and OneDrive as remote servers, that means that we won’t monitor what is on your Mac, what is only in the cloud, etc. You will see everything that is in the cloud and will be able to work with your files that way. That means that there will be no status icons. To display the status icons, we need to get the status info of the files from the cloud providers, and for example Dropbox doesn’t provide this info to 3rd party developers, there is no API that we could use. Since Finder is a big app and it has its own API, the cloud service providers write their own implementations for Finder and you can see the status icons of their services in Finder if you install their apps on your Mac. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for ForkLift. We will investigate if some of the cloud providers have an API that we could use to get this info and display the icons, but it is more likely that there will be no option to display them.

    The View layouts in ForkLift 4 will work the same way as in Finder, you will be able to save the view settings for specific folders.

  2. Hello,
    Could you hel me?
    I can’t find the proper “keys” descriptions for Regular Expressions in Batch remaner?
    Like {..}, {\d}

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