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ForkLift 4 beta 3 is available

We have fixed numerous bugs and added some new features to ForkLift 4 beta 3.
We have completely redesigned the Path Bar, the Connect Panel, the Sidebar and the Favorite Manager.

If you previously reported an issue to us and do not see it fixed on this list, then please do not submit a new report. All reported issues have been added to our bug tracker, and we are working our way through them. If you see an issue that we claimed to have fixed but you still encounter it in beta 3, then please submit a new report.


  • Flexible Space added to the Toolbar
  • Option to remove display of free space next to drives in the sidebar (View > Hide Device Info)
  • Option to Show/Hide Path Bar
  • Option to Show/Hide Title Bar
  • Version number of apps is being displayed in the Info Window (Preview Pane and Get Info)
  • It is possible to use the Enter key on the numeric keypad in keyboard shortcuts as a single key, or together with other modification keys
  • The Enter key on the numeric keypad works as the Return key until that is modified in the Settings
  • Type Select in the Favorite Manager for easier navigation


  • Redesigned, less dominant Path Bar
  • Redesigned Column Headers in List View
  • Redesigned and improved Sidebar
  • Redesigned and improved Favorite Manager
  • Redesigned Connect Panel
  • Order of Views in the menu is the same as in Finder
  • When multiple items are selected, the menu item Copy Path shows Copy Paths
  • Added Base URL to the Connect panel
  • Esc button to close the Connect Panel
  • Note field on the Connect Panel


  • Fixes an issue where selecting Commands > Manage tools… from the menu could result in a blank Settings window
  • Fixes an issue which didn’t allow text size settings to be applied in Column View
  • Fixes an issue with Workspaces not being restored
  • Fixes an issue where the Date Modified and the Tags columns in List View could be empty
  • Fixes an issue with blurry icons in Icon View
  • Fixes an issue where the name of a favorite didn’t get saved when the favorite was created with a different name from the Connect Panel
  • Fixes an issue where “Reveal in Finder” opened the selected file in its default app instead of ForkLift when ForkLift was set as the default file viewer.
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with certain versions of SSH
  • Fixes an issue with network favorites imported from ForkLift 3
  • Fixes an issue which caused slow navigation of big files when the Preview Pane was enabled
  • Fixes an issue where adding favorites to an empty favorite group wasn’t possible
  • Fixes an issue where dragging favorites into another favorite group wasn’t possible
  • Fixes a possible crash when dragging a favorite into another favorite group inside the sidebar
  • Fixes a graphical issue in the Connect Panel when the protocol VNC was selected
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to save Favorites without filing in certain (unnecessary) fields on the Connect Panel
  • Fixes an issue where “Open in Terminal” opened the parent folder, and not the selected folder
  • Fixes an issue where favorite group position didn’t get saved when the group was placed above devices and/or shares in the sidebar
  • Fixes an issue where favorite groups in the sidebar could jump back to their previous positions after connecting to a favorite inside the group
  • Fixes an issue where the locations of the favorite groups didn’t get saved
  • Fixes an issue where deleting favorite paths wasn’t possible
  • Fixes issue where the folder structure wasn’t remembered after a restart in Column View
  • Fixes a possible data loss when the user moved a file into a target folder without permission to write
  • Fixes a window placement issue where the window wasn’t retained correctly when there was no window open and a new window was opened from the menu or from the context menu of the Dock icon
  • Fixes an issue where the focus wasn’t following the renamed item when it moved out of view
  • Fixes an issue in Icon View where the icons weren’t aligned correctly if the names of some items were multiple lines long
  • Fixes an issue where the file became empty while it was in rename mode when the user changed tabs
  • Fixes an issue where using the Tab key to switch panes wasn’t possible when the Favorite Manager was active
  • Fixes an issue where some view settings weren’t restored when the user closed ForkLift with no window open
  • Fixes an issue with the alternating backgrounds when the “Default” theme was selected in ForkLift and the user switched between Dark and Light modes in the System Settings
  • Fixes the tab order in the Connect panel
  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift showed a blank panel when the Connect Panel or the Favorite Manager was open after startup and that was closed by the user with “Cancel”
  • Fixes Apple Script support issues
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 3

89 thoughts on “ForkLift 4 beta 3 is available

  1. A lot of issues are fixed now with the Beta3. Congratulation on the pace of the developers to bring a lot of fixes/features in a sprint to new beta releases.

    But: Not any word/step for the BIGEST missing Feature: keyboard selection of items!

    I hope i’m and Z aren’t the only users who’s missing the MAIN Functionality of a split-view file explorer?

  2. Two issues with the current build I can ascertain so far:

    1. The font for the sidebar is now tiny and I can’t figure out how to change it.

    2. The new view options (hide path bar, et al.) are not PER WINDOW but apply to every window for the application. This is not a good use case.

    1. We will look into the issue with the font size. You can change the size of the font and the icon in the sidebar in the System Settings. But there are some differences between the sizes compared to Finder.

      We don’t think that those settings should work on a per window basis. For now, that will remain like it is now.

  3. Let’s also add the problem with $SOURCE_SELECTION_PATHS not properly passing arguments to tools is also there (wasn’t there in build 1, appeared in build 2, not fixed in build 3).

  4. Maybe a stupid question but how do you delete a favorite and a favorite path in the new favorite panel? I can’t find any menu command, keyboard shortcut or contextual menu to delete a favorite.

    1. To delete a favorite, right-click the favorite either in the sidebar or in the favorite manager and select Delete from the menu.

      If you have added a path to the favorite through the “Add Path to Favorite” menu item, then at the moment you can only delete the path if you connect to the favorite first. After you connect to the server, the paths are displayed as subitems in the sidebar below the server in the “Connections” section of the sidebar. Right-click the subitem you want to delete and select Delete from the menu. In the future we might add a way to remove the paths by editing the favorite.

      1. I’m running macOS Ventura 13.3.1 and ForkLift 4.0 Beta 3 but there are no contextual menus when I right-click a favorite either in the sidebar or in the favorite manager? I have normal contextual menus when I right-click an item in the file browser and the path bar but not in the sidebar.

      2. Control Click is not enabled as right-click in the sidebar and in the Favorite Manager. We will take a look at that.

      1. Yes, I try to open the contextual menu by control-click on my MacBook Pro’s trackpad. It works for items in the file browser and the path bar but not for favorites in the sidebar.

      2. Thanks for the confirmation Agnes that control-click isn’t enabled as right-click in the sidebar and in the favorite manager.

  5. I am using ed25519 keys with passphrase to connect via sftp. I get an error message when connecting: “General error: Unable to exchange encryption keys”.

  6. Unfortunately again the same problems as with a previous 3.x version (later the problems were fixed):
    – If SMB connections to a Windows server are mounted and ForkLift 4 beta starts, nothing can be operated after a few minutes. The whole system is like frozen. Sometimes the window changes…

    The only remedy is to restart the computer completely via the power button.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to get to the bottom of the problem. The hard on/off switching is painful enough.

    1. This is a problem with your particular computer, not Forklift. I have just the opposite experience on the Macs I’ve tested it on.

      1. and what is the solution?
        With ForkLift 3 there was an update that fixed the probelem – with the current beta the problem is back. If my computer is the problem for the software, then the software is not for my computer.

        The current ForkLift 3 version and other file managers have no problem with my computer….

    2. Do you remember in which ForkLift 3 version this was “fixed”? Unfortunately, I can’t recall this issue, you might remember the version number though. If not, I will try to find that out.

      1. This must be a Samba issue and not an issue with ForkLift itself. It is possible that in connection with Samba, ForkLift is somehow triggering this issue, but even if that is happening, the OS shouldn’t freeze. The same way as an airplane shouldn’t crash if you tilt back your seat.

      2. yes, I understand – if Samba, then only the macOS internal, on the other hand is a Windows 2012R2 and not a Samba “emulation” of an SMB protocol. I use here macOS Monterey 12.6.5 with ForkLift 3.5.8 – no problems. Maybe I can somehow reconstruct the context under which conditions the system freezes.


    I know someone in the last beta round comment section asked for the “double click in an empty space to go up one level in the folder hierarchy” functionality – but this is NOT normal/expected behavior on a Mac. And quite frankly it’s annoying enough to make me not use the entire app.

    Please, for all that is sacred, make this functionality an option in the preferences.

    1. Yeah, after long waiting, development of ForkLift 4 is not going to the right direction. I installed beta 2 but not using it at all. Did even bother to install beta 3. From advanced file manager, now it’s going to… I don’t know what 🙁
      It’s unbelievable that there is no Total Commander like file manager for Mac. ForkLift 3 was at least offering some functionalities.

      1. Z – These are betas. He is (smartly) adding features a little at a time. It makes it much easier to build upon, as well as fix issues that come up because you have a rough starting point to find the bugs. Each beta thus far has been significantly better than the previous. I’m confident FL4 will be better than version 3 when it’s complete.

  8. I’ve been following the Forklift4 beta3 release, and I’m truly impressed by the rapid pace of improvements and new features being added. Kudos to the team for the amazing work!

    I have a quick question – are there any plans to support connecting to Amazon S3 using IAM roles, similar to the functionality in Transmit 5? This feature would be a great addition for secure and efficient access to my S3 buckets.

    1. You can do the same in ForkLift 4 if you enable Multi Factor Authentication on the Connect panel after you have selected Amazon S3 as the protocol.

  9. I try to edit a workspace in favourites in FL4 and get a message:

    ForkLift wants to use your confidential
    information stored in “” in
    your keychain.

    To allow this, enter the “login” keychain password.

    This does not make sense?

    1. Because you are making changes to your favorites, ForkLift tries to access all the favorites, not just the favorite you are editing at that moment. Because you haven’t “always allowed” access to the password stored in the Keychain of that favorite, ForkLift asks for the password. If you enter the password and click Always allow, then ForkLift won’t ask for the password again. If you store the password in the Keychain (if you saved the password in ForkLift), then it is the best way to use the Always Allow option.

  10. I found one annoying bug,
    If “Group By” is used, I tried with grouping by Kind. The cursor is constantly loosing control.

    For example: I highlight “file A” in y left pane and sometimes it stay highlighted, but most of time cursor will disappear and file is not selected anymore

  11. Feedback: Beta2 was buggy/unusable, beta 3 is ok…and faster.
    still preview on certain files, sometimes results in rotating ball.

    -Setting font type (not only size) in file window, setting also size of sidebar fonts
    -I am too stupid to find the keyboard shortcut for select current or add current to selected files, understand Cmd+s, but thats a mass operation.
    -XtreeGold/ZtreeWin-like file tagging
    -give optional colors to the symbols. the modern monochrome hype is simply odd.

    1. Please send us a sample of ForkLift when it hangs. You can take a sample in the Activity Monitor app. Select ForkLift in the list and select Sample Process from the View menu.

      We have added your suggestions to our feature request list.

      – You can edit the size of the sidebar fonts under System Settings > Appearance > Sidebar icon size
      – You can add an item to the selection by Command-clicking it.
      – What is “XtreeGold/ZtreeWin-like file tagging” like?

      1. “– You can edit the size of the sidebar fonts under System Settings > Appearance > Sidebar icon size”

        Yet ForkLift Beta 3 uses a much smaller font than Finder for each corresponding choice (especially the medium and small choices).

      2. “You can edit the size of the sidebar fonts under System Settings > Appearance > Sidebar icon size”
        I meant specific for forklift. The general setting are already big (I use 4k)

        ” You can add an item to the selection by Command-clicking it.”
        Well thats with the mouse. I meant adding with keyboard

        “What is “XtreeGold/ZtreeWin-like file tagging” like?”
        Sorry I am old: “XtreeGold/ZtreeWin” was/is best Filemanager in the DOS/Window World. Still use it under MacOs, because the method tagging/filtering of Files for operations is still superior…although 30 years old.
        Dont worry, I like Forklift4, buy the upgrade and use that and terminal stuff like broot only on my macs.
        But I am not the only one using more keyboard than mouse….

      3. @Berry

        You can’t change the font size in the sidebar in ForkLift, you can only change the settings of the OS.

        You can’t add to the selection with the keyboard.

        If you would like to explain to us and show some examples how tagging works in XtreeGold/ZtreeWin, then please write us an email at support [at] binarynights [dot] com

      1. I’m using small and the icon and text size in the sidebar is slightly smaller than in Finder. Can it also depend on the screen resolution setting since it should be the same size?

    2. There are some slight differences. We were trying to match the same size as you can see in Finder but the size was either bigger or smaller, never the same. We will take a second look at this.

      1. Also, in the system settings I have set it always to medium. Forklift appeared small, though, only when I reapplied the system setting to medium, Forklift also became medium. Now it’s perfect for me. But I needed to reapply the medium setting!

      2. Yes, if you change the system settings once, then the icons and fonts get bigger too. That is a good workaround, but the size should be the same without changing the system settings, so we will look into that.

    I work in List View with only three columns showing: Name, Size, and Date Modified. When adjusting the size of the fonts to anything over 18pts, the Date Modified column text gets cut off. ForkLift doesn’t allow you to adjust the column widths beyond a certain size, so it’s impossible to adjust to fit the entire date if I leave the Name column the width that I want/need it.

    This could be solved in two ways:
    1. Make the individual column widths fully adjustable
    2. Add a setting to change how the date appears similar to the macOS System Settings (instead of “Friday, February 17, 2023 at 6:38 PM” have the ability to make it “02/17/23, 6:38 PM)

    1. Thank you for bringing this up. We will try to fix this issue and make it possible to display the full date in ForkLift.

      One of the issues is that you can’t make the date columns wide enough in ForkLift but even when you make them wider, ForkLift automatically switches the date formats. There are 4 different date lengths in macOS, and based on available space, ForkLift switches between them. (The calculation uses the standard font size, if the font is too big, there is not enough space.) When the date column is the widest, ForkLift uses the longest date format. If the text size is too big, then the space is not big enough to display the full date. In previous macOS version you could set up all 4 date lengths in the System Preferences and you could choose a very short date as one of the long date formats as well. That meant that when you made the date column very wide in ForkLift, it could still display the date even when you used the 32 px font size. Unfortunately, on macOS Ventura it is not possible any longer to set the date lengths in the System Settings.

      As a workaround, you can set the date formats in the Terminal. Here you can find how you can do that:

      You should set all 4 lengths to a short format, like this: “dd/MM/yy”. Enter one line into Terminal and then hit Enter. Do that with all 4 lines, and restart your Mac.

    1. There is no API for most of the Quick Actions in Finder, so we can’t add them. To allow plugins would mean, that we should write our own API that other developers could use. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen any time soon.

      1. You can write your own Quick Actions in Automator (and run Apple Script, Java Script, Shell Script, etc) and they will show up in the Services menu when you control-click an item in ForkLift.

  13. First of all, I was going to leave Forklift due to some issues I had with Forklift 3. The beta now is really great so I’m gladly gonna keep working with it! Thanks everyone for the hard work!

    Few things I still found (first one is the only ‘big’ issue I had):
    1) Thanks for bringing ‘view options’ per folder. However it is still not 100% clear to me HOW it works and how it works with two panes. Currently, I have two panes with ‘my documents’, both have the view option ‘all folders’ but one shows ‘kind’ and one does not. At this point, I thought that each folder would have an individual view option PER pane. However.. when I navigate in both panes to ‘Downloads’, set them as ‘This folder’, and change something on one side (e.g. add ‘Date Created’), it also happens on the others side. Or it is a bug, or by design but then it should be made clearer how you are supposed to use it.

    Also, I would love a way to reset all folder view options.

    2) Option to increase font size of sidebar
    3) Perhaps when toolbar is icon only, enable tooltips when hovering of the icons?
    4) Background image on initial “welcome to forklift” screen is blury

    These two were temporary issues and went away again:
    – At one point, the top and bottom border of column headers when in list view, just stopped at the second column. Now, everything is back to normal.
    – ‘Group by’ button on toolbar did not work for a while, but it does again now.

    1. Thank you for all these. We will investigate if there are some issues when you save the view options.

      Tooltip is coming in the next update.

      The issue with the column headers is a known problem, we will try to fix it.

      The Group by issue is under investigation. However, we don’t know how to reproduce it, so if that happens again, please try to remember what you did before it appeared, what could have triggered the issue and let us know.

  14. Would like to elaborate on a prior comment. ForkLift Beta 3 treats various settings inconsistently.

    View Sidebar: applied on a per window basis
    View Preview: applied on a per window basis
    View Path Bar: applied to every window
    View Title Bar: applied to every window
    View Toolbar: applied to every window
    Show Tab Bar: applied to every window (though don’t quite understand the point as the obvious use case is hide it for one tab, show for multiple tabs, and in fact ForkLift disables the option when there are multiple tabs). The Path Bar seems to make this option redundant.

    For a polished application, this should work consistently. Obviously, having it applied on a per window basis is better.

    Thank you.

      1. OK, understood. I want to describe the use case for future consideration. One or more windows to show the contents of folders with no changing of the folder. Another window (larger) is used for general file browsing. Path bar is desired for the general window, but (because of space) not for the fixed windows.

  15. I am using beta3 in a Japanese environment.
    In column view, “Resize columns to fit” is not functioning properly.
    It appears that it is not acquiring the length of 2-byte characters.

  16. Where is ‘resize columns to fit’?

    I spend a lot of time resizing the columns to avoid white space, as I change window size quite frequently. It would be great if the Forklift columns were adaptive, optimising the columns and text size as you change the window size, to avoid white space and enhance readability. Like a good webpage does when you view it on mobile.

    1. Resize columns to fit is only available in Column View. In List View, it is on our feature request list to make the Name column change size automatically.

      1. A the moment I cannot get the show view options box to open either via menu or context menu. It has been working fine to date, so not sure what I have done.

  17. In passing, I note that Hookmarks does not work for me with FL3 or FL4 even though Hookmarks says Forklift supports Hookmarks, … maybe an issue unique to me?

    1. The view option pop-up opens from the path bar. Right now, it is not possible to open it if the path bar is hidden. Please unhide the path par to change the view options. We will change this behavior soon.

      The Hookmark integration is added to our to-do list.

  18. Bug:

    I like to group my downloads folder by ‘Date Added’. Recent files downloaded did not show up at the top. On further inspection, the files are present but the field ‘Date Added’ was empty for these two files.

    In Forklift 3, same folder, same setup, the files did show up at the top.

    Two more nice-to-haves:
    – When moving the cursor over the column headers in list view, the vertical bars dividing show/disappear. I would think it better to leave them always there, or not show them ever. The short flicker gives a bit of a nervous feeling.
    – When opening a folder, the ‘Activity’ icon always very shortly shows to be ‘in progress’, just for a fraction of a second. Perhaps a delay could be enabled here since this adds to the nervous feeling without adding anything. E.g. only showing the ‘in progress’ mode after 1/4 of second.

    1. Date added is not part of the file system and ForkLift doesn’t have that information right away, it has to wait to receive the date after a change. But we will look into if there is an issue with Date added in ForkLift 4.

      We will consider your other suggestions.

      1. Thank you. Just using the beta has already made my day-to-day work more convenient compared to Forklift 3. So, good work, very much appreciated!

      2. Pretty sure the issue is ForkLift 4 related. Has been happening a lot since, where I see a newly added file instantly in ForkLift 3, but not in ForkLift 4.

  19. I doubt if any of the following is new or useful, nevertheless I am making the effort to comment.
    1. Firstly well done on the re-write, its been a big job & I note its been a long time since we we have paid you any dollars, … so I look forward to doing that to ensure the future of Forklift.
    2. The beta works fine for me on a day to day basis. It would be good if the format/structure would hold firm including things like “automatically resize in the view panel”
    3. The light appearance scheme is almost unusable in its standard format, at least on my Studio Display – so much white – however it becomes usable when I increase the size of sidebar icon/text to large and file name text to 14. At the moment I mostly use Blurange.
    4. The toolbar text a bit small or indistinct, … maybe its my age! 😉
    5. I would really like to have a better method of moving files to non adjacent locations. At the moment I use some Alfred workflows to move files, but would be good if there was a save to or move to command that enables you to select a location.
    6. This is similar to the above, … can we have a command to print selected file?
    7. A secure delete command would also be useful.
    8. I have no idea of how to use the Tools setting, not that I have made any effort on this front. Would be good to see some basic examples at some stage.
    9. I have some custom folder icons. Like Finder, these do not come across when Folder is placed in the sidebar. This is trivial, 🙂 but nice if the custom icon could be “imported” to the sidebar.

    Good Luck – looking forward to seeing version release in due course.

  20. I note in FL3 in Settings Shortcuts, all services are listed in detail. At moment in FL4 services in Settings Shortcuts only show generic headings.

    1. Some of the commands in the menu aren’t there until you open the menu. For example the services are loaded on the selected file type when you open the menu on that file for the first time. These dynamic commands are listed in the Preferences of ForkLift after you have opened those menu items but not right after you have started ForkLift. If they are listed, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to them but after you restart ForkLift 3, those shortcuts are lost. Because of that, in ForkLift 4 we don’t list these kind of commands in the Settings. As a workaround, you can set shortcuts for these commands in the System Settings. You can find how to do that here:

  21. In “Favorites” view, custom icons used to show in Forklift 3. That was the one feature that kept me interested in Forklift since it doesn’t show custom icons in the sidebar. I am trying Forklift to replace Pathfinder, which does have custom icons in the sidebar. If you don’t have plans for custom icons in the sidebar, please consider bringing those back in the “Favorites” view. Apple was inconsiderate in ever removing that feature from Finder.

    1. In the future it will be possible to use custom symbols as icons in the sidebar and the favorite manager. We don’t plan allowing custom icons.

    1. When the favorite is already open in a tab, then ForkLift switches to that tab, and it doesn’t open a new one. If there is a different issue, then please send us a screen recording of that recording your entire screen. Send the recording at support [at] binarynights [dot] com

  22. There is weird issue, when I connect to a SMB share with Finder it connects to [hostname]._smb._tcp.local, when I connect via ForkLift it connects to [hostname].local.

    It is a weird behaviour, from either Finder or ForkLift.

    1. Is the issue weird because they don’t show the same name or is it weird because of something else? Those are the same locations.

  23. Minor issue. Default position seems to be to view icons/thumbnails, I click this off but by and large what I got was blank icons and this did not surprise me as this is how Path Finder currently behaves, … so I ignored it. However after playing with FL4 for possibly 10 days I idly clicked the icon box on (in the viewing options panel) and then turned it off again and hey presto I got “default” icons in the same way Finder behaves.

    1. Hi,
      I’ve reproduced this behaviour, but only from the “viewing options” in “icons” view (not when I tried first from the panel of “list view”). Now it only toggle between “icon preview” and “default” icons.
      Personnaly, I prefer the “default” icons to “blank” icons.
      My best

      1. The blank icons aren’t shown on purpose, it is some bug in the current macOS. What do you do exactly to fix the issue?

    2. This issue with the icon is some issue in the OS and that’s why you can see it in other apps too. What did you enable and disable exactly and in which view?

      1. In the show view options panel, I absently minded clicked the clicked the show icon preview on and off, and that did the trick.

        Interesting that has held up after quitting FL4 and rebooting my machine.

        I think executing in absent minded mode is the key element here? Ha Ha.

  24. Hi there,
    great to finally see a Beta Version, thank you for your work.

    My few cents:
    1) Batch rename favorites from ForkLift 3 don’t get imported

    2) It could be a bug of my system and the issue is already within ForkLift 3 – I initially thought it was a macOS 13 issue – but since it is in v4 now:
    The file icon doesn’t work with all file types, e.g. .indd, .png, .numbers files show the same icon as Finder does, but .psd, .pdf, .txt files show just the generic “sheet of paper” icon while Finder shows the associated application icon.
    It doesn’t make a difference if “Show icon previews” is en/disabled.

    3) An option for selecting the UI language would be nice, especially but not exclusively while having an unfinished translation

    4) I liked the fact that the top tool bar used the complete width of the UI… that design change makes the UI feel more cluttered, especially since there is no visual divider now. Please bring back a visual divider.

    5) The border lines of the header row don’t extend fully to the left/right? It looks wired…

    6) The sidebar is transparent (using dark theme)? Having a bright window underneath it makes it look totally out of place/like a bug. It doesn’t do that in ForkLift theme.

    7) Where did the red higlight go when disk space is minimal? I made use of that a lot…

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      1., Multi-rename favorites can’t be imported
      2., This is a bug in the OS.
      3., You can select the language in the System Settings (Preferences). Right now, the localization isn’t finished.
      4., 5., 6., It is not likely that we will change the current GUI, the dark and light themes have a transparent sidebar. If you don’t like that behavior, then please use a different theme that is similar to the two basic themes.
      7., That is currently missing. We will add some form of warning.

  25. Is there a way to have SHARED DRIVES via Google Drive protocol available? Not the *Shared with me* folder.

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