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5 thoughts on “ForkLift 3.5.6 is available

  1. Thanks for the updates recently—it was nice to have updates after quite a while without them. But there are still issues with Dropbox integration. For months, it hasn’t been possible to use the “Copy Dropbox Link” feature when right-clicking on a file. Doing this has no result. Can this be fixed? I use Dropbox all day every day, and it’s a pain to have to reveal files in Finder to get a Dropbox link.

    1. The Copy Dropbox Link feature is working in all versions but if it isn’t working for you, then here is what you should try to fix the problem:

      Open ​this link and sign in to your account if you aren’t already:

      Under the connected apps you should see one or two ForkLift instances. ForkLift(Sharing) allows you to share for example the Dropbox links. Click on the arrow next to ForkLift(Sharing) and click on Disconnect to disconnect Dropbox(Sharing) from ForkLift.

      Go back to ForkLift and try to copy the Dropbox link of an item in your Dropbox folder. In a browser window, ForkLift should ask for permission to access your Dropbox. Allow access.

      ​Check if the link was copied. If it wasn’t, then try to copy a Dropbox link again, if ForkLift asks for permission again, then open the Keychain Access app (Applications > Utilities) and search for the term Dropbox and delete all com.binarynights.ForkLift-3.dropbox.authv2 entries. Try to copy the link in ForkLift again.

      If ForkLift copies the link, then restart ForkLift and try to copy a link again. It is possible that ForkLift will ask for the access again, allow access. Check if copying works as expected. If it does, restart ForkLift and try to copy a link again, ForkLift shouldn’t ask for permission again and copying Dropbox links should work.

      If copying doesn’t work after you deleted the entries from the Keychain, then try to restart ForkLift and try to copy a link again. Allow access again. You can a little bit play around with disconnecting ForkLift from Dropbox and deleting the entries from the Keychain.

  2. Support responding that bugs reported will be fixed in v4 and no sign of release date or roadmap for v4. Software is bloated with buggy or unfinished features – like some weird implementation of s3 that works only in a single, hardcoded region, without support for prefixes etc.

    1. There is a lot of room for improvement in the S3 implementation of ForkLift 3 and we will add a lot of features to ForkLift 4. However, it is not true that it only works in a single, hard-coded region. You can create buckets in all regions inside your account and you can access them all. You can’t access buckets if you don’t have access to all of the buckets. Connections to custom endpoints aren’t possible either. Hopefully, all that and more will be available in ForkLift 4. We are currently working on ForkLift 4 and there is no ETA yet.

  3. This sounds like it may be close to an issue that I am dealing with. Specifically I am needing to FTP to a server that apparently needs TLS 1.0. I know it is not the most secure connection but the files I need to transfer do not need a really high level of security. I am getting the following error:

    “Unable to negotiate with port 2022: no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1,diffie-hellman-group14-sha1,diffie-hellman-group1-sha1″

    I am using Forklift 3.5.6 on OSX 12.1 (2019 iMac 5K 27”). Any hints on how to enable usage of TLS 1.0 for Forklift?

    On a side note, I was having the same problem with SSH until I added the following switches to enable using TLS 1.0 which allowed a successful connection to the same IP address: “-oKexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 -c 3des-cbc”.

    Any help will be appreciated

    M Davis

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