Lower prices and a new business model

We have lowered the price of ForkLift and have moved to a new pricing model.

Buying a license to ForkLift allows you to use ForkLift for as long as you want and to install all minor and major updates for one year. If you wish to install a new version of ForkLift after that, you will need to renew your license. After the renewal, you will have access to free updates for one more year again.

If you buy ForkLift 3 now, you will be able to install all the updates to ForkLift 3 for one year and even to ForkLift 4, should ForkLift 4 come out within 12 months after the purchase. And even if you don’t want to renew your license, you will be able to keep using ForkLift for an unlimited time.

This change in the business model doesn’t affect license owners who have bought ForkLift 3 before the change, they can continue using ForkLift 3 and install all future updates to ForkLift 3 for an unlimited time. However, for these existing users, ForkLift 4 will be a paid upgrade.

From now on, our prices are the following:

Single-user license $19.95
Family license $29.95
Small business license $69.95

10 thoughts on “Lower prices and a new business model”

  1. Stephen says:

    Fair business model. Any ETA for FirkKift 4?

    1. agnesbinary says:

      Thank you. Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA for ForkLift 4 yet but it is in the works.

  2. Stephen says:

    I meant, ForkLift 4.0 🙂

  3. Arda Kilicdagi says:

    So, for a single user, it’s now priced $19.95 per year, so I have to pay $19.95 each to get updates, right ?

    One of the reasons I ditched Paste app was their dumb pricing model.

    1. Dale says:

      Agreed. Same reason i left Pathfinder for Forklift last year and now this….I HATE subscription licensing. It’s a massive scam imo. Watch the patch fixes drop to nil every year once you are forced to pay a yearly fee for fixes and updates.

      1. Dale says:

        to add..had i known this was coming less than a year ago I would not have purchased it!

    2. agnesbinary says:

      Yes, those are the prices currently. We feel that this pricing model will make it possible to create and maintain a better app. This model is not a subscription model, so if you don’t need the new updates, then you can keep on using ForkLift without paying again.

  4. Jericho says:

    I knew this was coming, but no thanks. Commander One PRO Pack has much more value and features (like MTP support) and no subscription (and have one time lifetime purchase).

    At least for now…

  5. Sani says:

    First we got the information that the new business model would be applied with the new FL4 version. Then the FL4 release was postponed, obviously indefinitely, but you are still activating the new business model with support for one year while there are hardly any worth mentioning updates at all?

    1. agnesbinary says:

      If you bought ForkLift before the switch to the new pricing model, then the new model won’t affect you at all as long as you want to use ForkLift 3. The new model is not a subscription model, so there is no need to renew your license if you feel that the updates are not worth it. You can keep using ForkLift as long as you want without renewing your license. We hope to bring out updates that will be worth renewing your license. ForkLift 4 is being developed and its release is not postponed indefinitely, we just need more time to develop it.

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