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ForkLift 4 beta 5 is available

In ForkLift 4 beta 5, we have changed the Sync Window again and we have made improvements to the toolbar.

During sync, you can exclude empty folders, which makes the synchronization of filtered subitems possible without the need to synchronize empty folders as well.

In the toolbar, one big improvement is that the option to search doesn’t disappear even when you make the window very narrow, you can also search when only text is being displayed in the Toolbar.

There are numerous other improvements and fixes in this beta version as well.


  • Copy Dropbox Link
  • New Amazon S3 regions added


  • Improved copy engine
  • It is possible to copy text from the Info Window/Info Pane
  • Error message is being displayed when the user tries to use a Terminal app that isn’t installed
  • When the connection gets lost to a server when the Mac is sleeping, ForkLift tries to reconnect more effectively
  • Numerous improvements of the Toolbar – For example, it is possible to search if the Search field is not visible or when only text is displayed
  • Improvements to the “Go to Folder” feature
  • Improved Quick Select and Quick Open windows
  • Alert is being displayed when the “Delete orphaned items” is being turned on in the Sync Window
  • Command-Double click to open a folder in a new tab
  • ForkLift remembers collapsed states of boxes in the Preview Pane
  • Redesigned Sync Window
  • Option to ignore empty folders during synchronization


  • Fixes and issue where the size of the icons and text in the sidebar wasn’t the same as in Finder
  • Fixes an issue that made expanding Symlink folders not possible
  • Fixes an issue where the hidden sidebar changed the widths of the panes
  • Fixes an issue where the Date Added didn’t always appear immediately
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to add items to a selection based on their extensions when the extension wasn’t visible
  • Fixes possible crashes in connection with the View Settings (Ejecting a disk, quitting when changed settings weren’t yet applied, etc.)
  • Fixes an issue where the names of themes didn’t refresh after renaming or creating a new one
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to open the View Options when the path bar was hidden
  • Fixes an issue where it was needed to authenticate cloud service providers such as Google Drive every time in the browser when users tried to connect
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to close Search with the Esc key
  • Fixes an issue of file selection after a failed rename operation
  • Fixes an issue where ForkLift didn’t load private keys from the default location
  • Fixes an issue with transparent tabs
  • Fixes an issue where the color tags were displayed as question marks in Icon View
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to work with subitems of an expanded folder after the folder has been renamed
  • Fixes an issue which made it not possible to work with a folder that was renamed in the other pane
  • Fixes an issue where the names of aliases and symlinks to default special folders on macOS weren’t display correctly in languages other than English
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn’t possible to sort favorites alphabetically in the Favorite Manager
  • Fixes an issue where no Group and Owner was shown on remote connections
  • Fixes an issue where in some cases a drive called Preboot was displayed in the sidebar
  • Fixes an issue where a local path was opened unnecessarily of a favorite when navigating the history in the toolbar
  • Fixes an issue where no progress indicator was shown during search
  • Fixes a graphical issue with Quick panels
  • Fixes a possible hang when renaming multiple items
  • Fixes multiple Quick Select bugs
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 5

79 thoughts on “ForkLift 4 beta 5 is available

  1. Thanks for this new beta version.
    I have noticed three things so far:
    1) Double click on an empty space in the files view does not navigate one level up (as before). I didn’t find any option for this.
    2) Middle mouse click on a tab doesn’t close it (since Beta 4, in Beta 3 it worked)
    3) Preview pane: PDF files: the preview always is set to 100%, it doesn’t remember the “automatic fit to size” setting from the context menu.

    1. 1) We have removed that feature because it has caused some issues, we might be able to put it back though
      2) That was never possible in ForkLift 4
      3) That is not managed by ForkLift but we will take a look if we can do something to save the settings

      1. Thanks your your reply.
        1 + 2) ok, understood
        3) Alternatively it would be nice if the view could always start in “automatic fit to size” (as it is for images and movies right now) instead of 100%. 100% for PDF files show most of the time just a white blank area, because the upper left part of a PDF file is quite often just white.

  2. When using Quick Open to go to a specific file the enclosing folder is opened but the file is NOT selected in this version. Please fix asap.

  3. I noticed that when connecting via SSH, you always end up in the root directory of the server, not in the home directory of the user used for the SSH connection (as was still the case in version 3)

      1. I don’t set a folder myself at all, so I leave the “Path” field in the Connect Panel empty. In Forklift3 the connection then went to the home folder of the user used for the SSH connection, in Forklift 4 you always end up in the main directory of the server regardless of the user

  4. Thanks for the new beta! I have a few notes for you. (1) One of my panels shows modification dates in format 06/06/2023, while the other displays 6 June 2023 and I don’t see how I can fix that (macos is set to show 06/06/2023). (2) In ForkLift 3, we had an option (quite useful) “Restore default view settings”, whereas in this version there is none. (3). The alternating background of panels has a bit too low variations with a Dark Theme; in v.3, the brighter stripes were better visible and it would be nice to have a similar appearance.

    1. 1) The two panels show different date formats because they have different widths. ForkLift shows the date based on the available space (width of the columns). There are 4 different date lengths in the macOS. When the column is very narrow, ForkLift uses the Short format, when the column is wider, then it uses the Medium format, when the space is wide, then it uses the Full format. On previous macOS versions it was easy to change those settings in the Preview Preferences. Now you can change those only Terminal: If you change the medium size to the same format as the short size has, then you will see that format in FL when the column is wider.
      2) We will add that option again and then you don’t have to play with the column widths because you will be able to restore the default settings easily.
      3) We will take a look at the colors

      1. There is an inconsistency of the date field when a new tab is created. The default panel has a width adjusted to show the Medium date format, whereas the panel in the new tab gets a slightly larger column width, which makes the date format in the new panel to be in the Long format. In other words, the default view settings are either not saved or not respected in new tabs.

        1. Please send us a screen recording of this issue. Make sure to record the entire ForkLift window. support [at] binarynights [dot] com

          1. It seems to work, actually. My problems with the dates were related to the way I adjusted the width of the date column. When I first increased the width to make the date appear in the medium format, there was a substantial space between the permissions column on the right. I slightly reduced the space between the columns width by dragging the permissions column closer to the date column, preserving the date in the medium format. Then I saved the default view, hoping it would stay always the same. But when FL was restarted or a tab was created, the same problem reappeared. Now I eliminated the problems by adjusting the date width for the medium format and saving the default view, without the subsequent reduction of the space between the date and permissions columns. This way, the date column keeps the correct width and allows the correct date format.

  5. After a restart of beta 5, now both panels show the same date format (6 June 2023), despite the fact that macos is set to show 06/06/2023.

  6. I wonder why there are “shortcuts” at all? To enable operation via keyboard??? And how should the main task “select an object” be possible with the keyboard? Otherwise the “shortcuts” make no sense. I look forward to a short guide on how to select objects using “shortcuts”. Thank you for your effort.

    1. Thank you for reporting we will look into this. From where to where were you copying? Were you copying only one file, or one folder?

    2. I have exactly the same problem. It doesn’t matter if I delete or copy folders locally or to a remote server. I think you need to release another beta asap since this is such a critical issue.

      1. Unfortunately, we can’t reproduce this issue. Can you send us a screen recording of the entire window while transferring something? It is possible that some of the graphical settings has an influence on that behavior.

          1. For example, the hidden path bar could have had an influence on that, but it doesn’t. Please try the new beta 6 to see if you have the same issue in that version too.

            1. No the activity window is empty in beta 6 as well. I just hide the path bar in the screen recording due to privacy. Any difference in Intel versus Apple silicon code?

              1. We have Intel and Silicon Macs as well, and we don’t see this issue. What is your macOS version?

              2. That’s strange. I’m running the latest macOS Ventura 13.4.1. It did work in beta 4 so something must have changed since then. Anything else to test? Since Jim also have this issue I’m not alone.

                1. You can also test if resetting ForkLift has an effect on this.

                  1. Close ForkLift
                  2. If you want to backup your plist, then in Finder go to ~/Library/Preferences/com.binarynights.ForkLift.plist and make a copy of this file into a place where you can easily find it later (to open the plist, select Go > Go to Folder from the menu and paste the path into the pop-up and hit Enter)
                  3. Open Terminal and run the following command: defaults delete com.binarynights.ForkLift
                  ​4. Open ForkLift and test what happens when you copy

                  To put back the plist, quit ForkLift and copy the backup plist file over the new plist file. If ForkLift opens using the default settings, then try to quit and open it a few times. If that doesn’t help, then quit ForkLift, run the same command in the Terminal again and copy back the old plist, then open ForkLift.

                  1. All the times. See my new screen recording above. The sidebar activity window works in beta 6 but not the dropdown.

                    1. Could you please check the language of your macOS? (System Settings > Language & Region. Please also let us know the region (for example English (US or (UK), etc)

                      Please send us your plist as well via email.

  7. Thanks for all your efforts on v4. Just one comment, in beta 5 the List/Item/Column display has become a drop down rather than three icons. Would it be possible to offer the option to have three icons as I am always swapping between icon view for photos and List view. With the drop down this has become an extra click.

    Thanks again.

    1. The outlay of the buttons changes based on free space available in the toolbar, if there is not enough space, the button changes to a drop down. If you switch often between the different view types, then try using the keyboard shortcuts to switch between them. If you open the View menu, you can see the keyboard shortcuts of the different views. If you don’t like those, then you can change them in the Settings of ForkLift.

  8. There are problems in “Sync to” filtering. With FL 3.5.8, my two folders report the need of updating two files, which is correct. With FL 5b, the same folders try to sync four subfolders that are in the filter (exclusion) list and none of the two updated files are going to be updated. The filter lists between the two versions of FL are the same. It appears to me that maybe the logic of the new drop-down “Apply to files”, “Apply to folders”, and “Apply to all” needs to be verified and perhaps corrected.

    1. ForkLift 3 and ForkLift 4 use totally different approaches to syncing. ForkLift 3 uses include filter (positive filtering), which means that the items that match the filters, will be synced over. ForkLift 4 uses exclude filter (negative filtering), which means that the items that match the filters, will be excluded from the synchronization. Please try to experiment with the filters to see what they do exactly.

      1. I don’t understand. Both FL 3 and FL 4b5 have in the “Filter items” selection this: “None of the following are true” and the “following” list of conditions is absolutely the same. How can it be that you apply different “positive” and “negative” filtering in the two versions, if they are the same by the logic used? Clearly, I can experiment, but first I have to understand the difference in definitions you mentioned. By the plain language of the selection, it seems they must be the same between the versions.

        1. Everything looks the same, but the logic is the opposite. In ForkLift 3 when you choose: “Any of the followings are true: name contains 4”, then only those items will be synced over that contain 4 in their names. Meaning, you add the items that match the filters to the selection. In ForkLift 4, if you do the same, then all items that have 4 in their names will be excluded from the sync. That is negative, you remove those files that match the filters from all the files that could be synced over.

  9. Please consider increasing the font size of the line that reports the number and total size of selected files in a panel; the font is too small and difficult to read.

  10. Thank you for this new beta.

    I still have the problem of zeroed content files when I copy from my RDP Session and paste it into Forklift.
    When copying the same file from RDP and pasting it into Finder, no issue.

    Kind regards

  11. With respect to the date format: the FL date field only shows Short and Long formats, whereas the Medium format does not show up in the field at all. It would be useful to have the Medium date format included (no modification time), like it was in FL 3.

  12. Sorry, my previous message was not correct. The current version of Ventura includes the date formats in System Settings, so when I select the Medium format there, it appears in FL panels, too, for a certain width of the field.

    1. Where do you see the date formats in the System Settings on Ventura? And which version number of Ventura?

        1. I think you can only set the date format there and not the all of the 4 different date length formats. If you can, then please send me a screenshot of that.

          1. There are eight different date formats available (short or medium type), but none of the long or full date format is there.

            1. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you are talking about, I don’t see an option to set any of the date formats for the various date lengths, I only see a Date format” drop-down, where you can select one format.

  13. Something weird with local file copy, I had for each copy a popup asking me to input my session password.

    Resetting full access disk granting to FL fix the issue.

    1. In fact, it doesn’t fix it. I noticed owner of files was root and not my account, guess it is why it asked for user session password for elevated access.

      1. Yes, if you don’t have permissions to do something, then ForkLift has to ask for your password to grant the elevated privileges.

  14. I have no data to back up my claim but it feels like the copy speed to a remote SFTP server has dropped significantly for folders with a lot of files (WordPress plugins and themes).

  15. Can you reset the notification system or add an app manually? ForkLift has disappeared from Notifications in System Settings.

    1. You can’t do that manually. I think that ForkLift 4 has never asked to send notifications and hasn’t been in the list in the System Settings at all. We will fix that.

  16. Please consider making the default Sync window larger. In the presence of the Filter definitions at the top of the window, the usable space for the comparison results between panels shrinks too much.

  17. Looks like it’s impossible to overwrite files (on local disks). It always ended with file exists error dialog with stop/skip buttons only. No matter what Replace policy setting is.

  18. I would like to ask about the position of the x button to close tabs.
    In MacOS, the button to close a window or tab is always present in the upper left or far left.
    ForkLift3 also has a button to close tabs on the left edge of tabs.
    Why is the tab close button on the right end of tabs in ForkLift 4?
    I think it will cause confusion during operation.
    I would like the close button to be on the left, or it should be possible to change it back to the left in the settings.

    Translated with (free version)

    1. In ForkLift 4 we have different tabs, we don’t plan to change the location of the X button to close the tabs.

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