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ForkLift 4 beta 6 is available

This update mainly fixes some issues introduced in beta 5: manually added private keys should work again, syncing and replacing existing files should work, and changing and applying permissions is possible again.


  • Fixes an issue where the name of a favorite group was shorter in the sidebar than its actual size
  • Fixes an issue, which made it impossible to sync or replace items that already existed
  • Fixes an issue where there was no floating Info Window displayed of the parent folder when there was no selection inside the folder
  • Fixes an issue, which made it impossible to connect to SFTP with a manually added private key
  • Fixes an issue, which didn’t make it possible to open a folder in the default editor app
  • Fixes an issue with wrong tab color in dark mode
  • Fixes an issue with applying and updating permissions

Download ForkLift 4 beta 6

45 thoughts on “ForkLift 4 beta 6 is available

  1. PLEASE add a total commander style of showing the files on columns with horizontal scrolling and have the left/right arrows navigate between columns. Commander One does it as well so should be possible on mac.

    1. This is already on our feature request list but it is not very likely that we will add this view.

  2. I am curious if the following bug has been fixed?

    “App crashes immediately when I move one tab from the left to the right pane.”

    I have been experiencing this from beta 1 all the way to beta 6. I was just wondering if the team is aware of this issue.

    1. We are aware of that issue. Most of the crash reports we receive are because of tab movements, but so far, we couldn’t figure out what is causing the issue, so we weren’t able to fix it yet.

        1. Please send in the crash report with the crash reporter inside ForkLift after you have restarted the app. Write into the command field what you had done before the app crashed.

  3. I’m not ready to give up on Forklift 4, but I must say that the amount of bugs and issues has risen dramatically with each beta release.

    As of this release:
    • Workspaces don’t save (I can save the workspace and give it a name, but it doesn’t actually save anything).
    • The main window get resized constantly
    • Individual panes get resized on their own, constantly
    • When in List mode, the date and file size constantly get moved “out of site,” requiring horizontal scrolling (even after I adjust it and save View Settings and Workspace)
    • Right Sidebar gets resized on its own
    • Right Sidebar document preview sometimes disappears/gets reduced on its own
    • Saving the open/close state of the Right Sidebar items doesn’t work, Permissions, Tags, etc. appear randomly upon launching or opening new Forklift windows
    • Applying View Settings to folders/panes randomly decides what it applies and what it doesn’t (and it almost never applies the setting for font size)
    • “Make Default” in View Settings has never worked
    • Saving View Settings has never worked
    • Favorites in the sidebar randomly stop “finding” the original folders
    • Keyboard shortcuts randomly don’t work

    This on top of removing the “double click in an empty space to go up one level in the folder hierarchy” being removed due to some issue (when it worked fine in the previous beta release).

    I would say that FL4 beta 3 was the last stable beta release. Everything since then has just made it harder and harder to keep using.

    1. Please don’t give up on ForkLift 4:) betas are betas for a reason.

      – Workspaces: Thank you for reporting, I was able to reproduce the issue.
      – The numerous resizing issues, applying View Settings, Favorites stopping working: it would help us if you could send us a screen recording about these issues
      – Saving and restoring the default view setting: we will work on that
      – Keyboard shortcuts: what keyboard shortcuts stop working? Also what macOS version do you use? On Sonoma some keys don’t work in shortcuts but that seems to be a macOS thing.
      – Double-clicking was removed for a reason.

  4. Using “Compare…” to compare two versions of a code in two panels does not produce any action, when “File Merge (Xcode)” is selected as a comparison tool (I have no other tools available). Similarly, it did not work in FL 3.5.8, neither. Maybe FL does not find where File Merge is installed? I hope, there is a need in just a simple fix, please make it work.

    1. Comparing with XCode should work in ForkLift 3 and ForkLift 4 as well.

      Please try the following:

      Open XCode and FileMerge manually and accept the new terms and conditions if there are new ones. Compare two items directly in FileMerge. Try if comparing in ForkLift works.

      If comparing still doesn’t work, then

      1. Open the Terminal app
      2. Paste this command into the Terminal: /usr/bin/opendiff and hit Space, drag a text file from ForkLift (or Finder) into Terminal, and hit the Space again, drag another text file into Terminal and hit Enter (the command should look something like this: /usr/bin/opendiff /Users/youruser/file1.txt /Users/youruser/file2.txt)
      3. This command should open File Merge.
      4. If File Merge doesn’t open, then paste this command into Terminal and hit Enter: sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/
      5. Try to compare 2 items again in ForkLift

      1. Thank you! Your suggestion (4) fixed my problem (/usr/bin/opendiff complained: “xcode-select: error: tool ‘opendiff’ requires Xcode, but active developer directory ‘/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools’ is a command line tools instance”).

  5. Please consider changing the color of the vertical cursor (when renaming files or folders) from the blue back to a much brighter color (white or yellow). In FL 3, it was white, sufficiently well visible (yellow must be good as well). In FL 4b6, I barely see the blue cursor (with a dark theme), which makes it difficult to point to the part of the name that is to be changed.

  6. Hi there,

    Forklift 4 Beta looks overall really nice. I encountered a few potential bugs, that you might be interested in:
    – The second pane always opens in list view (I want and always switch to coumn view)
    – The view options (Cmd+J) for the second pane are never stored, at least for column view. Always reverts to default settings (e.g. font size, “resize columns to fit”) etc.
    – The top section of “Get Info” (with the icon or preview) sometimes resizes its vertical height without reason.

    Just suggestions:
    – Would be nice to have a less prominent color bar at the top of each pane. It is a bit distracting, in my view. Also the path bar and the icon in front are quite big and distracting, in my view.
    – The contents of the Get Info pane are quite big. A more condensed view would fit more content without scrolling.

    Thanks for considering these points.

    1. Pease send us a screen recording of the list view and view options issues at support [at] binaryights [dot] com Please make sure to include the whole ForkLift window.

      We have already fixed the issue with the preview in the Preview Pane, the fix will go live in the next update.

      Thank you for your suggestions.

  7. Hi,

    Sad you removed the option to double click on the empty space to go to the above folder in the hierarchy. it worked perfectly for me.
    Now, Forklift is really less practical to use :(.

  8. Hi,

    I wanted to try the new beta version, but it requires macOS 12, apparently.
    I’m still using Big Sur on my iMac, which is my primary device (and Big Sur is still a supported OS), so it’s kind of disappointing.


    1. We are sorry to hear that but ForkLift 4 uses very modern frameworks, which are not running on older macOS versions.

      1. Big Sur is still an officially supported macOS version.
        May I ask what are those “very modern frameworks” that won’t work with older macOS?

            1. You can build SwiftUI apps on Big Sur but SwiftUI is very limited on Big Sur. With every new release, there are more and more features available in SwiftUI but they don’t backport. ForkLift 4 uses features that aren’t available on macOS versions older than Ventura. We would have liked to add more advanced features that are not even available in Ventura, but we decided to include Ventura in the supported macOS versions.

                1. We understand the situation and apologize for the inconvenience caused by not being able to use ForkLift 4 on your older operating system. To progress, we had to make this decision. You will still be able to continue using ForkLift 3 on your macOS version.

  9. Could you please return back to the panels the info of how much space is available on the hard drive? I used to look at that value quite often in FL3, but now it’s gone…

  10. trying out he latest b6. Found the following issues:

    The ‘activity’ dialog is not populated with updates on the individual file operations (transfers). This is a quite a challenge with large sets of file ops, especially due to the fact that the UI refreshs on target (and source) are quite lagging behind. I did’nt measure so far, but it feels like the lag is even higher when a network device is involved (e.g. NAS).

    When ejecting a volume mounted from a usb device, forklift erroneously thinks that volumes mounted from different devices are linked to the one involved in current unmount operation and offers to eject them as well. Yes, this can be worked around by not accepting the proposed ‘reject all’. But this is not the default behaviour in macOS nor Forklift 3 and pretty annoying when using multiple external devices in parallel.

    Other than that good progress on this beta!
    [M1 Max, 13.4.1]

    1. I’m not sure that I understand the first issue. There is a known issue in beta 5 and 6 where probably only on the latest Ventura version, the Activity window in the toolbar is empty. We were able to fix that issue and the fix will go live in the next beta. I think you are referring to a different problem, since you are mentioning lags. If you mean a different problem, then please send us a screen recording of it at support [at] binarynights [dot] com

      We will investigate the other issue with the ejecting. If you can, then please provide additional info on what kind of devices you use and how many volumes there are on each.

      1. Hi Agnes!
        You were getting it right… Activity window is empty, that was my first concern.
        Isolated from that … The lag is about how often/fast the views are updated which are involved in the copy/move operation. If you don’t have the activity window you watch the progress of the operation by visually inspecting the file size in the target view. If there is a lag… you don’t know if the operation is really ongoing or blocked/stopped as the file size doesn’t change for a while.

        Hope this explains it better.

        1. Please wait for the next update and send us a screen recording of the issue if that is still available at support [at] binarynights [dot] com

  11. Forklift 4 is great, but how can I transfer my favorites from FL 3 to FL 4 because the sync changed from Dropbox to iCloud Drive?

    1. When you install ForkLift 4 on your Mac for the first time, it asks you if you want to import your favorites from ForkLift 3. If you enable that, then your favorites get automatically transferred. If you didn’t do that for the first time, you have installed ForkLift 4, then you can force ForkLift 4 to ask that again.

      If you that, you will loose your graphical settings of ForkLift though.

      1. Quit ForkLift 4
      2. Open Terminal and run the following command: defaults delete com.binarynights.ForkLift
      3. Open ForkLift and make sure that “Import Favorites from ForkLift 3” is checked

      You can also enable favorite sync via iCloud and then the same favorites should be available on your other Macs.

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