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ForkLift 4 beta 7 is available

ForkLift 4 beta 4 New Info Window

A highly requested feature, automatic column resizing in list view has been added to this new update. This is a behavior that some users will find very useful but others won’t, so we have made it possible to choose between the two behaviors. The feature can be turned on and off in the View Options (Command-J) by toggling the “Always resize name column” option. That setting is global, so it is not possible to use individual column resizing options in different tabs or windows.

By using a workaround, we were able to allow users to close the tabs with the middle mouse button.

We were able to fix a possible crash during synchronization, which was responsible for a big part of all the crash reports that we have received during beta testing. We also fixed the empty activities issue, which was affecting some users in the latest betas.

Check out all the changes in ForkLift 4 beta 7:


  • It is possible to resize the Sync Window, the size gets saved and next time, the Sync Window reopens using the same size
  • Option to select a device by clicking on the icon in the path bar
  • It is possible to close tabs with the middle mouse button
  • Automatic name column width. This option can be toggled in the View Options. That setting is a global setting
  • Shortcuts can be restored individually in the Settings by right-clicking and selecting β€œRestore Default”
  • It is possible to hide the extension of items in the Info Window
  • It is possible to lock an item in the Info Window
  • It is possible to restore the Default View Settings from the View menu. The Default View Settings can be saved by the user on the View Option panel.


  • It is possible to close the Settings window with the Esc key
  • It is possible to open a favorite inside the Favorite Manager with the Return key
  • Alt-Clicking the “Group by” icon in the Toolbar modifies the icon to “Sort by” the same way as in Finder


  • Fixes a possible crash when synchronizing
  • Fixes a display issue of the permissions in the Permissions Column in list view when the text size was very big
  • Fixes an issue where folders with dots in their names were displayed as files instead of folders
  • Fixes a possible hang on network drives while updating folder sizes
  • Fixes an issue in list view when the focus jumped back to the selected item when you scrolled to a new location and expanded a folder
  • Fixes the issue that resulted in an empty Activities Window with ongoing activities
  • Fixes the issue of transparent tabs in Dark theme. The tabs remain somewhat transparent to enable better differentiation among tabs
  • Fixes an issue with the Resize columns to fit feature in Column View
  • Fixes an issue with newly saved Workspaces
  • Fixes an infinite loop when ForkLift tried to calculate the size of all folders but it couldn’t because of missing permissions
  • Fixes an issue when only the generic icons of items were displayed
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

Download ForkLift 4 beta 7

31 thoughts on “ForkLift 4 beta 7 is available

  1. This is starting to look very polished, no bugs found yet πŸ™‚ I was wondering if there was a place to find more Themes that people have made for Forklift 4?

  2. Behavior when using the arrow keys on the keyboard in column view

    I have created three folders containing subdirectories.
    aaa1, bbb1, ccc1 Each of these has up to three levels of subdirectories.

    As shown in the figure below.

    β”œβ”€β”€ aaa1
    β”‚Β Β  └── aaa2
    β”‚Β Β  └── aaa3
    β”‚Β Β  └── foo.txt
    β”œβ”€β”€ bbb1
    β”‚Β Β  └── bbb2
    β”‚Β Β  └── bbb3
    β”‚Β Β  └── foo.txt
    β”œβ”€β”€ ccc1
    β”‚Β Β  └── ccc2
    β”‚Β Β  └── ccc3
    β”‚Β Β  └── foo.txt

    If aaa1 is selected and the ↓ key on the keyboard is pressed, the expected behavior is that bbb1 is selected.

    However, the selection will be aaa2, which is the lower level of aaa1, and pressing the ↓ key again will select aaa3, which is further down.
    In other words, the folder selection goes right to the right even though the ↓ key is pressed. It is understandable that if you pressed the β†’ key, it would move to the right.

    Next I click on bbb1 or ccc1 by mouse click and then press the ↑ or ↓ key, this time the folders on the same level such as aaa1 and bbb1 are selected as expected.

    After several tests, if I select a folder containing subdirectories “for the first time”, pressing the ↓ key selects the subdirectory side. And if it is the second or later time to select that folder, it seems that pressing the ↓ key selects the directory on the same level.

    It is very difficult to move through the selection of folders of the same hierarchy using the ↓ key in column view.

    Is this a problem that occurs only in my environment?
    Does it also happen in your environment?

    1. The ruled lines have shifted and are a bit confusing.
      The directory structure is as follows.

      aaa1 / aaa2 / aaa3 / foo.txt

      bbb1 / bbb2 / bbb3 / foo.txt

      ccc1 / ccc2 / ccc3 / foo.txt

    2. Thank you for reporting that. The same is happening on our side as well. The selection should remain in the same column and not move to the next when you press up or down. We will look into that.

  3. Thanks for the new beta! I’ve just noticed a minor difference with respect to FL3 in panel list view sorting. In the previous version, when I clicked “Date Modified”, FL3 showed the newest files/folders on top, which is quite useful. Now, when I click “Date Modified”, FL4b7 shows the oldest files/folders on top, which makes less sense (in my opinion) and which forces me to click another time to see what I usually want: the newest items on top. Is there any good reason for the change? Could you consider restoring the old behavior?

  4. General question: is there anything issues you’ve encountered with browsing Google Drive local folders that involve FileProvider? I believe I did encounter some issues, such as off-line folders (ones with the little Cloud download icon) not appearing in Forklift. That looks resolved. Anything outstanding for Finder-quality handling of this FileProvider folders? Is there any hope of exposing the Google Drive context menu tools from within Forklift (e.g. Available offline, Open with Google Drive, Share with Google Drive, Copy link to clipboard, etc)? Overall, the app has come a long way and is truly going to excellent!

    1. We are not aware of any issues. We don’t plan adding those context menu items at the moment, but they are on our feature request list.

  5. I have checked the behavior when copying file from RDP Session in Beta 7.
    Same than before, when I paste file in Forklift, same size but empty content.

    I ran the same test in Forklift 3.5 and same behavior.
    Not coming from Forklift 4.

    Pasting the file in Finder and all is good.

    RDP Session is Windows 11 workstation, test file is a text file with a single label in it.
    Pasting in Forklift 4 and 3.5 : file is blank, no more label
    Pasting in Finder : file is normal with label

    Kind regards

    1. We haven’t looked into this yet. This is already on our bug tracker but it doesn’t have a high priority at the moment.

  6. With Dropbox I can connect okay in FL, but if I close FL and open it again it has lost the Dropbox connection and I have to go through the same routine of connecting and logging back in again.

    Do I need to have the Dropbox App installed to stop this happening? I am presuming that once FL connects to Dropbox it should stay connected even after closing the App.

    I am using a MacBook Pro under MacOS 13.4.1


    1. If you had connected from the Connect Panel (Command-K) and your connection was still open in one of the tabs when you quit ForkLift, then ForkLift tries to automatically reconnect when you start ForkLift again. But to allow opening Dropbox in ForkLift, you have to authenticate again in the browser, which automatically opens. If you create a favorite and use the favorite to connect, then you don’t have to authenticate every time you open the favorite or restart ForkLift.

      1. Thanks for the response. Added Dropbox as a Favourite and as you say it connects without having to re-authenticate.

        Thanks again.

  7. Any news about returning back keyboard selection? Competition, Commander One, supports that and previous version of ForkLift.

  8. I am new to Forklift 3 and decided to skip right to 4 and do the learning curve there. I don’t see the plus icon in the Left menu so I can’t add Google drive, devices etc. It doesn’t sound like others are having this issue, so I might have stumbled onto a “new user” case.

    When I look in Applications I only see Forklift listed. (BTW, can you get your version numbers in line please?) I purchased a license and had Forklift 3 running before I installed 4, but I didn’t use any of the features before installing 4.

    1. In ForkLift 4 we have removed the plus sign from the sidebar but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add favorites. There are several ways to add a favorite.

      1. Open the Connect Panel from the menu or with the keyboard shortcut Command-K. After entering the credentials, you can create a favorite.

      2. You can drag favorites into the sidebar to add them.

      3. You can open the Favorite Manager from the Favorites menu (Favorites > Show Favorites) and at the bottom, you can find the plus sign to add a new favorite .

      4. You can also select “New favorite” from the favorites menu to create a favorite.

      5. When a location is open in a pane, you can add it as a favorite by selecting Favorites > Add to Favorites

      There is nothing wrong with the version numbers of ForkLift. You download a zip and the zip contains a file, the version number isn’t included in the file name and in the display name. If you download multiple ForkLift instances, the OS automatically numbers them, so “ForkLift 4” can become ForkLift 2 because that is the second ForkLift that yo have downloaded. That is only a display name and doesn’t have anything to do with the version numbers. Make sure to run the ForkLift apps from the Downloads folder. You can rename the apps the way you want to use them.

    1. Tested this out more and when you have the “always resize name column” checked, the Date Modified column resets to the smallest size (7/11/23) for each new tab. I prefer having a wider Date Modified column, so I can see the long date and time (Jul 11, 2023 at 12:01 AM). Can this be fixed so that the Date Modified (or any column besides the Name column) maintains the size set by the user like it does for Forklift 3?

      Because right now the options are:
      Enable “Always resize name column” and have a name field that auto-resized to fill the space available when you resize the Forklift window (awesome), but I’ll need to manually resize the Date Modified column for every new tab in order to see the date and time (annoying).


      Disable “Always resize name column” and always have to manually resize the name column to fill the available space when the Forklift window is resized or never resize the window like I do in Forklift 3 (annoying). But now the Date Modified column will stay the size I set so I will always see the date and time in every new tab (awesome).

      1. Right now, the resizing works like that. We might add more options to set up resizing in the future. We will think about how the date columns should behave.

  9. Hi…I just downloaded the Beta. I am still learning some of the new features. I did encounter something that I am unsure is normal behaviour or a “bug”.’
    When it split plane view, if I hit show “view options” while the left pane is active I get an abbreviated menu of about 6 items including the ability to change font size. The bottommost option reads “Resize columns to fit”. When I use the right view pane and hit “view options” I get a much more extensive menu which also includes “always resize name columns” as the last item.
    Should the menus be different based upon which side pane I am using?

  10. One thing is still kinda driving me nuts with ForkLift, was already a thing in Version 3. When I mount an SMB share in Finder it uses [Hostname]._smb._tcp.local, when I do the same in Forklift it is just [Hostname].local I’m really confused about this. So when you mount a drive in ForkLift the server will actually be displayed twice in the Finder sidebar but they are the same servers.

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