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ForkLift 4 beta 10 is available

We have fixed some issues in the previous beta. Hopefully, the final version is coming soon.


  • Backblaze B2 rename
  • Backblaze B2 move operation inside a bucket


  • Fixes an issue that makes it impossible to open and preview items inside an archive when the archives were treated as folders
  • ForkLift asks for permission to send notifications
  • Fixes a possible crash during sync
  • Fixes a possible crash when moving multiple folders on servers
  • Fixes a possible crash when deleting apps with the App Deleter
  • Fixes an issue that caused empty favorite groups to be overwritten with newly created favorite groups

Download ForkLift 4 beta 10

8 thoughts on “ForkLift 4 beta 10 is available

  1. Sync view is ‘broken’, files to be synced not visible. Reproduce: have directory dir1 and dir2 (doesn’t matter on same volume or not). Have 1 file in dir1 and none in dir2. Open sync view (left to right). No file to be synced is shown. You have to toggle one of the sync options on the right side of the pane to let Forklift display the file(s) to be synced. (I used ‘synchronize subfolders’). [MacBook Pro/Ventura 13.5.1]

  2. Thanks for the good work, still impressed by the quality for a beta.

    Still not plan to re-add the option to double-click, on an empty space, to go one folder up in the hierarchy?


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