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ForkLift 4 beta 11 is available

This update includes several additional bug fixes, including one that addresses a potential crash that may occur when users rearrange the tabs. This bug was the final one among the outstanding issues that frequently caused crashes, and it was important to us to resolve it before the official release of Forklift 4.


  • It is possible to move the focus from the Search field to the active pane with the Tab key
  • Fixes an issue during synchronization when in some cases the Sync Window didn’t display any items until one of the settings was changed
  • Fixes an issue of excessive memory usage during large sync operations
  • Fixes a possible crash when moving tabs
  • Fixes a display issue in the Welcome Window when changing themes
  • Fixes a possible crash when using source control management

Download ForkLift 4 beta 11

32 thoughts on “ForkLift 4 beta 11 is available

  1. Would it be possible that people who are participating in your beta testing get an email when a new beta version arrived? At least those people who left any comments/questions here … This would help beta testers a lot

    1. If you enable “Check for updates automatically” in the Settings of ForkLift, you get a notification about the new update when you start ForkLift, or if you don’t restart ForkLift, then after a day. We don’t send emails about new beta releases, and hopefully, there will be no new beta releases. We will send emails about the release of the final version of ForkLift 4. If you haven’t already, then subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom on our main page: and you will receive a newsletter about the release.

    1. I get that it’s frustrating when a must-have feature is removed from the software one relies on. I’d be upset in that case as well. But at the very least, FL3 is still available, and if you own a license, you can still use it for as long as it is compatible with the OS!

      Buying a piece of software never guarantees lifetime support anyway. And even when they do (via a subscription-based approach), it’s usually harder to pick the version once an update is rolled out. In a sense, I appreciate the licensing model used by FL3.

      I think it might be more productive to request that BinaryNights supports FL3 as long as they can, on top of expressing your wish of certain features being brought back to a new version of FL, which to be honest, should be considered a different piece of software.

      (P.S., I also hope that they could bring back the keyboard selection function.)

  2. The edit command ist still greyed out for symlinks on SFTP servers and the keyboard shortcut isn’t working either. In FL3 the linked file is opened in the configured editor and can be edited and saved.

  3. Hi,
    Forklift 4 looks great! Congrats!
    Is there a way to let Google Drive automatically login and displays the content? Forklift opens everytime a window of google drive on line where access has to be granted. Google Drive answers everytime, ‘you already have acesss’.

  4. In FL3 the search function finds files in sub-folders. In FL4 the sub-folders are not searched in, only the files in the selected folder.

    1. You have to enable that in both versions the same way. Click the magnifying glass in the search field and select Search in Subfolders.

  5. Forklift4 crashed for me yesterday while doing a file copy from an SFTP to local. I restarted it but could not reproduce it. I did allow it to send diagnostic data.

    1. Thank you for reporting this, we have seen your crash report. Luckily, we have only received one crash report the whole day.

            1. I’m sorry to hear that. That shouldn’t be happening when there are existing favorites. When you overwrite a previous version, you only overwrite the app itself without its supporting files. If the supporting files are missing, then those are created anew when you start ForkLift. We will investigate this problem if more users are reporting the same issue.

  6. Thanks for this new beta! It appears to be working more stably for me than a few betas ago (I missed some in-between as I didn’t have check updates on, but I know about it now). I really like the Forklift beta program and think it’s really useful.

    I am interested in the Sync improvements. I do a lot of local-to-cloud syncing. I notice that Sync still appears to default to right-to-left, which is the opposite of how I’ve usually seen it.

    (1) Is there a way to save a preference so all future Syncs go left-to-right?
    (2) How do I see which current files are specifically being synced and what’s left to go? The progress bar is useful but I’d like more details.


    1. 1. That can’t be saved. Sync operation go from the active window into the inactive window, which can be changed in the Sync Window after you open that window.

      2. It is not possible to see that.

  7. Also:

    – It would be nice if the currently highlighted side had more than a thin horizontal orange strip to indicate it’s the active selection. It’s not the most obvious, and could be a clearer filled-in area.

    – Sync “Preparing…” would also benefit from being more specific and showing a % indicator, and how much progress is left to go with files counted. An opportunity to clearer show progress.

    – Feature request: email notifications for Sync and other “job’s done” would be AWESOME! I’m very used to them from Carbon Copy Cloner and others — it gives someone reassurance when they’re away from their computer but checking emails.

    – I notice I have to re-authenticate a LOT with Google Drive, like in the nav breadcrumbs ( > FOLDER > FOLDER) when I click back a level, it keeps asking me to re-authorize after I did a minute ago.

    1. 1. Added to feature request list.
      2. Can’t be done.
      3. Added to feature request list.
      4. Do you have to authenticate online or enter your Mac user password?

      Please answer this and all other outstanding queatoóions in an email, and send further bugs and feature request at us via email.

  8. The “New Folder with Selection” was taking a little time to work, which was supposed to be fixed in beta9, but has reappeared in beta11.
    When “New Folder with Selection” is run after selecting multiple files, the indicator in Activities now shows that it is running, and you have to wait a second or two for it to complete.

  9. Hi – I have a question regarding setting FL4 as my default file viewer (to replace Finder). I found information from the User Manual:

    However, I was wondering, if this is applicable to FL4 (beta)? Specifically, I got a new laptop and don’t have older FL3 or Setapp version of FL3 installed on this machine, but just the beta version of FL4. It doesn’t seem to work…

  10. Hm… Not impressed with v4. I mean, it’s a perfectly fine v1.0 app — but it’s supposed to follow the success of v3 and provide improvements, surely? Your attitude about certain very much requested features that have been removed (keyboard selection!!), or others that would provide obvious additional value (e.g. proper font config) is very disappointing. So — v4 is a wash, so far. Backwards evolution… hey, it’s just like Windows!

    Congrats on the release (can’t post this comment there, for some reason). I might be back if you decide to once again listen to your community of pro users to decide your feature set.

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