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ForkLift 4.0.3 is available

We were able to find out why for some users the imported passwords from ForkLift 3 weren’t working. We were able to fix this issue and starting from this version, the “incorrectly” imported passwords will work also in ForkLift 4. Another big additions in this update are some UX improvements and the French localization. We have added a highly requested feature to deselect items individually in the Sync Window.
Please feel free to report issues with the localization. Other languages and the option to claim the upgrade bonus are coming soon.


  • Option to deselect items individually in the Sync Window
  • French localization
  • The settings of the PDF previewer inside the Preview Pane are now saved and restored
  • The size of the Multi-rename window is now saved and automatically restored
  • Increased size limit of the Preview Pane, beneficial for users with higher screen resolution
  • Introducing the option to resize the icons in Icon View with the Command-Plus (or Command-Shift-Plus) and the Command-Minus (or Command-Shift-Minus) keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom icons for the Movies and Developer folders when added to the favorites


  • Improved SFTP connections to connect to the main user directory instead of the root, addressing multiple connection issues


  • Fixes an issue preventing the successful usage of FTP passwords imported from ForkLift 3. After this update, the defunct imported passwords will start working in ForkLift 4 automatically. Future imports should work without issues
  • Fixes an issue within Tools (Setting > Tools) where functionality was compromised if the file name contained special characters
  • Fixes an issue in Settings > Editing, allowing users to permanently delete applications from the list
  • Fixes a download issue from OneDrive, ensuring downloaded folders are no longer empty
  • Fixes an issue in the Sync Window, where in some cases, the number of items in the status info at the bottom of the window was displayed incorrectly
  • Fixes a Default Folder X integration issue, ensuring the correct sorting order
  • Fixes Dropbox transfer issues, enabling the transfer of items with special characters (such as Japanese or Cyrillic characters) without encountering the error code: “HTTP error code: 400.”
  • Fixes a VoiceOver issue in the Toolbar
  • Fixes an issue with unresponsive network share favorites
  • Fixes an issue on Google Drive where replacing folders wasn’t possible in some cases
  • Fixes an issue on Google Drive where in some cases, opening the Shared Drives and the Shared with me folder resulted in the error code: “invalid value: invalid”
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements

15 thoughts on “ForkLift 4.0.3 is available

  1. Hello,
    …I just installed version 4.0.3 and I also have Default Folder X in its latest version (6.0.1). Perfect.
    You write this: “Fixes a Default Folder X integration issue, ensuring the correct sorting order”.
    Can you tell me how to configure the two applications to integrate the toolbar into a ForkLift window as I can already do with the Finder (macOS Ventura)?…

    …je viens d’installer la version 4.0.3 et j’ai aussi Default Folder X dans sa dernière version (6.0.1). Parfait !…
    Vous écrivez ceci : “Fixes a Default Folder X integration issue, ensuring the correct sorting order”.
    Pouvez-vous me dire comment paramétrer les deux applications pour intégrer la barre d’outils dans une fenêtre de ForkLift comme je peux déjà le faire avec le Finder (macOS Ventura) ?…

  2. None of my tools commands are working anymore in ForkLift 4.0.3. It looks like the tools now ignore the shebang to set bash shell and always use zsh shell instead. Please revert what changes you have done in ForkLift 4.0.3 as soon as possible! I have already sent you an support email with some tool examples.

  3. Thanks for this update.. however since updating it is impossible to navigate to / when using root user. Forklift starts out with root user’s home dir which is /root/ and does not allow me to browse to / …

    Any idea when this will be fixed? I will downgrade to previous version in the meantime.

      1. In fact, it seems that a lot of navigation is broken when SSHing as root, not just navigation to `/`.

        For example, shift-command-g to “Go” to `/etc/ssl` causes an 8-second delay, and then a display of the contents of `/root/.oh-my-zsh`. Issuing the same command a second time then places me in `/etc/ssl`.

        But if I then type command-uparrow, I’m not moved to `/etc`, but rather to `/root`.

        I’m dropping back to 4.0.2.

  4. Not even the discount for long-term users is apparently possible anymore.
    Which doesn’t matter now, subscription plans are to be rejected in principle, especially for an FTP program. Disappointed by a company that is so greedy for money and jumps on the subscription train like others, I will return to Transit or Cyberduck. Forklift 4 has no added value for me. Thanks for the good time, your greed will be your end.

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