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ForkLift 4.0.4 is available

This is a quick update to fix issues introduced in version 4.0.3. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by our recent update. We have identified and addressed unexpected issues that may have impacted your workflow.


  • Fixes a possible crash when syncing to a remote location
  • Fixes an issue with remote connections, which, in some cases, made it impossible to navigate away from the user’s home directory
  • Fixes an issue with the speed of the synchronization
  • Fixes an issue with the Tools

Download ForkLift 4.0.4

33 thoughts on “ForkLift 4.0.4 is available

  1. With FL 4.0.4 an issue starts when connecting smb-server in may local NW.
    In the “Shares” (in german: Freigaben) section in the left sidebar, my server appears as usual with his name “omv”, but when selecting it I’m getting an error message like “Cannot connect to this server. Check name or ip-address….”.
    I tested with Finder: no issue
    I tested with FL 4.0.2: no issue
    I tested with IP-address in FL 4.0.4 (Connect to smb): no issue

    So, there must be an issue in FL4.0.4 .

    1. 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 caused me to have to re-enter the login/password for my smb Linux server. It looked like the cached login info had gotten deleted/lost. Try deleting the share item/server and re-adding it. If it asks for the smb user and password, after you enter those it should hopefully work.

      1. How shall I delete the server from the list in sidebar? Its added automatically by the system/FL as “Network” device (like my Synology NAS and FritzBox).
        I see no function (neither right click nor menu)

        In addition: if I connect the server via Finder and select a share from the list, the connected smb share is also visible in the sidebar of FL4.0.4 as share from my server. But nevertheless: clicking in FL on the server (with now connected share), the same “cannot connect to server” message pops up.

        As I said before: FL 4.0.2 works fine.

        Maybe a cache issue? Can I clean up cache of FL somehow?

        1. My smb server does not show up automatically so my issue was a bit different. You could try adding that SMB server manually to favorites (Connect or Cmd-K -> connection type SMB) and entering a username and password in Forklift in that connect box and see if that works.

          1. Adding server to Favorites just works with ip-address only. Not with servername – and I tried “server”, “server.local” and “server.local.”
            Finder is showing “server” as name.

            1. You can enter the host name too. You should find out what the server’s host name is, you can most likely find that in Finder under Network.

              1. Sorry, maybe my english is too bad.
                I know my servername and tried it to enter, for sure.
                But ip-address only is working.

        2. You can’t delete Shares from the sidebar. You can only delete favorites, shares aren’t real favorites.

          Please do the following to delete the saved password. Please do the following even if you haven’t saved the password of that share:

          0. Eject the share in Finder
          1. Open the Keychain Access app (Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access – if the OS asks you if you want to open the Passwords or the Keychain Access, then choose Keychain Access)
          2. Search for the name of the share. Sometimes, the display name that you see in ForkLift is not the same as the name of the share. You can check in Finder under Network what the real name of the share is. You should search for that in the Keychain Access
          3. Delete all entries that you find. Make sure to only delete entries that are associated with the network share that you are having this problem with
          4. Try to connect in ForkLift 4

          If the above doesn’t fix the issue, then please contact us in an email at support [at] binarynights [dot] com with reference to this blog comment

          1. Followed your hints. –> no success
            What I did in addition:
            Reboot server and MacBook –> no success.

            I’ll open a ticket tommorrow.

  2. It could be so simple reintroduce keyboard selection and immediately having numerous additional customers – ?!?

    1. There is no option to choose the Commander key biding set the same way as in ForkLift 3 but you can change the shortcuts individually. You should change these commands:
      Open : Enter, Enclosing Folder : Backspace,  Quick Look : F3, Rename : Shift-F6, Edit : F4, Move to Trash: F8, Delete: Option-F8, New Folder : F7, New File: Shift-F4, Find: Option-F7, Refresh: F2, Duplicate: Shift-F5, Compress: Option-F5

  3. La conexion a servidores S3 de terceros como los spaces de digital ocean dejaron de funcionar en las ultimass versiones

    1. Could you please check if you can connect when you edit the favorite and enter the password again. Or when you connect from the Connect Panel (Command-K) and not by using a favorite?

  4. I’m assuming that the company is standing firm on not implementing keyboard-based selection.

    In that case, I will repeat my request that you remove the text from the home page “Keyboard Control –
    Control every operation straight from the keyboard and customize it to your preferences.”

    This is not a true statement, is not the philosophy of the product and is misleading to potential new customers, who may not discover this missing functionality immediately.

  5. Hi,

    Still no option to pause per activity. We really miss this option.
    When will this be (re)implemented?
    Now we have to still use forklift 3 and thus have paid for licensing for 4 for nothing.
    We just didn’t anticipated that version 4 would be a step back in functionality.

    1. I’m sorry for this. We will discuss bringing this option back. Please contact us next week in an email asking about this, and hopefully, we will have an answer on the fate of that feature.

  6. When I upload multiple files to the remote server, the setting of Max. simultaneous transfers is effective at first, but becomes invalid after a while. After forklift uploads part of the file, it will upload 10 files at the same time.

  7. Version 4.0.4 has been released and I updated immediately.
    It has the features I need and works very well.
    I have one request.
    Please improve the speed of “New Folder with Selection”!
    Then ForkLift v4 will be a great companion for me.

  8. Hi,

    is there a chance that you resolve the issue of not being able to run a “macos shorcut” command from the services context menu? (made already a bug report during the beta phase)
    And as an improvement suggestion: Can you add the option to exclude macos specific files like DS_Store from being packed into the archive ?

    Thanks and kind regards

    1. Do you mean that not all services show up in ForkLift 4?

      I have added your suggestion regarding the archives to our feature request list.

      1. Hi Agnes,

        thanks for your reply. The services show up in the context menu, but the ones created with Apples Shortcuts App do not run. In ForkLift3 and in the beta of Forklift 4 there was a Message showing the the shortcut could not be executed. In the latest version just nothing happens.
        You can try this by yourself by simply creating a shortcut (or use an existing one). You have to enable it to be a QuickAction and that it should be visible within the Service Menu. Thats it.
        Automator Quick Actions work fine, but the ones from the Shortcuts App do not.


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