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ForkLift 4.0.5 is available

This update addresses some issues with the Sync feature. This includes fixing a problem introduced in version 4.0.3. We have also taken care of a few other small bugs related to synchronization. Additionally, we tackled a tricky issue with saving and restoring default view settings


  • Fixes an issue, which made it impossible to work with the filters in the Sync Window
  • Fixes a possible crash when fileSize was selected as a filter in the Sync Window
  • Fixes localization issues of the filters in the Sync Window
  • Fixes issues of saving and restoring the Default View Settings

Download ForkLift 4.0.5

26 thoughts on “ForkLift 4.0.5 is available

  1. … but unfortunately the “connect to server issue” (see my posts on FL4.0.4) is still existing. I opened a ticket two days ago via email – and: still waiting just for a reply … I think: there are more issues w higher priority.

  2. Nice rework with a more responsive UI!

    I really miss the commader shortkeys preset, can you bring it back please ?

    There is an issue with webdav connections. A second connection doesn’t show any conten, when the first connection was established to the same domain but with a different user.

    1. There is no option to choose the Commander key biding set the same way as in ForkLift 3 but you can change the shortcuts individually. You should change these commands:
      Open : Enter, Enclosing Folder : Backspace, Quick Look : F3, Rename : Shift-F6, Edit : F4, Move to Trash: F8, Delete: Option-F8, New Folder : F7, New File: Shift-F4, Find: Option-F7, Refresh: F2, Duplicate: Shift-F5, Compress: Option-F5

      We will investigate the WebDAV issue.

      1. Hey,

        What was the reason for changing the keyboard shortcuts?
        It’s a pretty drastic change, and unexpected.
        Changing every single shortcut back to the previous one is obviously not an option, so it would be great if you could offer the previous keyboard shortcut set as an alternative choice.

        I would stick to ForkLift if I could, but I upgraded my OS to Ventura, and the old version is practically unusable, because it’s unbelievably slow…

  3. After updating to 4.0.4 or 4.0.5, Command Tools, which used to work, no longer works.
    However, after removing shebang, it now works correctly.
    Specifically, the “#! /usr/bin/bash” was removed.
    If you are suffering from the same phenomenon, we recommend that you try deleting shebang as a trial.

    On a different topic, I also tried various other filers when I upgraded from ForkLift 3.5.8 to v4.
    ForkLift is the only one that has all the features I desire.
    I will continue to support you.

    I know I’m being persistent, but please review the speed at which “New Folder with Selection” works 🙂

    Cheers to the developers!

    Translated with (free version)

    1. Yeah but in 4.0.5 is zsh implied so bash scripts won’t run. My workaround for now is to use a .sh script with $SOURCE_SELECTION_PATHS as arguments and then I can still use shebang to run bash.

    2. We will try to improve the tools, hopefully, shebang will work as expected soon. Unfortunately, solving that issue is more complex than it seems.

  4. Don’t want to be a d*ck, but it seems that those that bought FL 4 are QA and beta testers. Will stick with FL 3 for now.

  5. Emails *.eml still don’t work in the Preview pane and with Quicklook. I installed the version 3 and work with that version. Really sad about the version 4 over all. It’s seems to be like a version 3 without many features, but sold as new…

  6. Hi Agnesbinary!

    There’s one interface experience continues to aggravate me in an otherwise great experience: If I navigate to a subfolder in column view and then change views to Icon or List, the window doesn’t stay on the folder I’ve just selected, but the root folder I started with (as the Finder does). More strangely, the breadcrumb trail DOES some the nested folder I’ve navigated to, so I can click onto the destination to get me back there. But this is a very slow and multi-step interaction involving mousing around instead of a simple keyboard shortcut.

    Can you fix this to behave like the finder?

  7. Hello,
    since we moved to FL 4, we have many issues when connecting to ftp services.
    With the last version (4.0.5), FL crashed multiple times, when up-/downloading with a ftp-connection. Also uploads are aborted and don’t continue with a new attempt.
    We are running macOS Monterey.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Please send us the crash reports at support [at] binarynights [dot] com you can also send us the ftp log:

      0. Disconnect from the server if you are connected
      1. Open the Console app (Applications > Utilities > Console)
      2. Make sure that your own device is selected in the sidebar
      3. Click “Start Streaming” in the main window or the Start button in the toolbar if there are no messages inside the main Console window
      4. Search for the name of the favorite that you want to connect to (or if you haven’t added the server as a favorite, then search for the term that is entered into the Server field on the connect panel)
      5. In the search field change “Any” to “Category”
      6. Make sure that “Include Info Messages” and “Include Debug Messages” are enabled in the Action menu
      7. Try to connect in ForkLift to your server
      8. Copy the logs after ForkLift has crashed or there is some issue and send it to us

  8. Question: is there (also) a problem with the management of files located on a Synology NAS?…
    With version 3 of ForkLift, deleting files containing accented characters in their name (à, é, è…) posed no problem. With the latest version 4.0.5, their deletion is impossible!…
    There is (really) still a lot of work left, unfortunately for us!…

  9. Unfortunately the search for files in FL4 doesn’t work…

    If I search for pdf-Files on my iCloud Drive I didn’t get even one result. But there are hundreds of pdf’s. And, yes they’re all downloaded. In addition to this the search is very slow. I did the same search with the finder, this works like it’s supposed to.

    I searches for “pdf” with the filter option “by kind”, “by extension”…

    1. ForkLift searches within the active folder, if you want to search in its subfolders, then you have to enable the “Search in Subfolders” option as well. If you don’t use that option then you are filtering the active folder. If you want to search your entire user folder, then you should search inside your home directory and enable search in subfolders. ForkLift’s own search engine uses brute force, so it is slow because it checks all the items inside the folders you search in to find the matching items, it looks at every item one by one. Finder uses Spotlight’s metadata, a cached database to quickly find the items. You can also use Spotlight search in ForkLift which uses the same metadata and is fast as well. To use Spotlight, you should select one of the Spotlight options in the Settings of the Search in ForkLift. You can see the settings by clicking the magnifying glass in the search field.

  10. In the Network Connect menu, the server history is no longer present. Is this a bug or feature? Or is this a setting?

  11. Anyone get Forklift 4 to work with 1Password SSH agent? I get a Passphrase required popup when using either private or public key when no password is required

    Will scrap my license if this not work before next license period. Currently I can’t use Forklift 4 with my setup.

  12. This version doesn’t contain the option to enter your previous license key to claim the upgrade bonus. That feature needs a little bit more testing but it is coming soon.

    How long must be wait for this 100 Day- Bonus?

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