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Introducing ForkLift 4

Elevating Your File Management Experience

We are thrilled to announce the release of ForkLift 4, the next evolution of your favorite file manager and file transfer app. After years of hard work and dedication, utilizing the latest technology, we’ve completely rewritten ForkLift to bring you a more responsive, visually stunning, and feature-packed experience. Get ready to explore a new world of efficiency, speed, and style with ForkLift 4!

What’s New in ForkLift 4?

Blazing Speed

ForkLift 4 is faster than ever before. We have optimized every aspect of the app to ensure lightning-fast performance. Whether you’re browsing files, transferring data, or managing your storage, you’ll notice a significant improvement in speed. You will experience the biggest change in performance when you’re synchronizing files.

Modern and Elegant Design with Customization Options

We believe that a great user experience begins with a beautiful interface. ForkLift 4 sports a sleek, modern design that not only looks fantastic but also enhances usability. Navigating through your files has never been more visually appealing. But that’s not all—ForkLift 4 also comes with a range of predefined themes, giving you the opportunity to tailor the app’s appearance to your preferences. Plus, creative users can even craft their own custom themes, making ForkLift 4 truly yours in every way.

Enhanced Protocol Compatibility for a Modern File Sharing Landscape

In the dynamic world of file sharing, adaptability is crucial. Recognizing the evolving importance of cloud service providers, we’ve broadened ForkLift 4’s protocol support to make connecting to various devices and networks easier than ever before. Whether you’re working with traditional protocols like FTP and SFTP or embracing the latest trends, ForkLift 4 has you covered.

Our Newly Added Protocols: Dropbox, Google Drive Team Drives, and Microsoft OneDrive

We understand that cloud service providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive have become pivotal in today’s file sharing ecosystem. In response to this changing landscape, we’ve integrated support for these platforms. This ensures that you can seamlessly manage and transfer files not only using the latest cloud services but also with the familiar and popular options you’ve come to rely on.

Bug Fixes and User Wishes Granted

We’ve been listening to your feedback and addressing your concerns. In ForkLift 4, we’ve squashed numerous bugs and implemented user-requested features. Your experience is our priority, and we’re committed to making ForkLift the best file manager for you.

Just a few highly requested features added to ForkLift 4:

  • Option to save view options for specific folders
  • Synchronization of favorites through iCloud
  • Option to color the icons in the sidebar
  • Connecting to Amazon S3 buckets with bucket level only permissions and using two factor authentication
  • Search within content with Spotlight
  • Direct connections to cloud service providers including Google Team Drives
  • Option to use automatic name column width
  • The tools now have the capabilities of a native shell, enabling remote editing as well

Introducing Our New Business Model

With ForkLift 4, we’re introducing lifetime licenses to a wider user base. The ForkLift lifetime licenses come with a defined period of free updates, allowing you to enjoy the latest features, improvements, and security enhancements.

Here’s how it works: After your specified free update period, you can continue using the last version of ForkLift covered by your license indefinitely—it’s yours to keep and use. If you’re eager to stay at the forefront of innovation and take advantage of the freshest updates, simply purchase a new license.

We believe this new business model strikes the perfect balance between providing value to our loyal users and ensuring the sustainability of ForkLift’s development. At the same time, you have the freedom to choose when and how you want to access the latest and greatest ForkLift has to offer.

How to Get ForkLift 4

Visit our Store to explore ForkLift licensing options, including single-user, family, and small business licenses. Each license type offers a choice of 1 or 2 years of free updates.

To celebrate this release, for a limited time only, we are offering an incredible deal: with each new license, enjoy an additional 100 days of free updates.

Read the ForkLift 4 Quick Start Guide to become familiar with essential information about the app.

We have been on a mission to make ForkLift 4 the number one force in file management. It is clean, fast and robust. – Download ForkLift 4 now!

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196 thoughts on “Introducing ForkLift 4

  1. The menu Help link for version 3.5 is now directing to the version 4 quick start guide. Not good.
    Could this please be fixed so that help menu for version 3.5 is still available?
    Or is there a download of Manuals for earlier versions?


    1. Unfortunately, both apps link to the same URL. We will consider changing the domain of the FL 4 manual. If you don’t want to switch to ForkLift 4, then please consider upgrading ForkLift 3.5 to ForkLift 3.5.8, which is the latest ForkLift 3 version. Because of an issue in version 3.5, you can do that only manually. Download ForkLift 3.5.8 from here and move it to the Applications folder:

  2. Can you explain the pricing? Is “single user” for one Mac or one user? I have a desktop and two MacBooks, and I am the only user of these Macs… can I use the “single user” license or must I purchase the “family” license?

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t offer upgrade discounts because in our new business model, upgrades don’t exist any longer. For a limited time, we offer an additional 100 days of free updates on top of your plan, which is equivalent to a 25% discount (Based on the price of a license with 1 year of free updates)

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t repurchase upgrades after only 1 year.

        I had given up on 3.5 and have now deleted 4.

        Good luck – nimble commander works well for me

      2. WHAT A JOKE!
        My new “business model” is to no longer support companies like Binary Nights. Such a program is also available for free. Ridiculous!

  3. Hello,

    I just bought the new version. It’s a pity that there is no upgrade option for previous customers. Unfortunately, search does not work in the latest version. Putting any text in the search box does nothing.
    I operate on a large number of files, and searching is crucial to me. I hope this glitch will be fixed soon.

    1. Please try to restart ForkLift and/or your Mac. If you still have the same issue after that, then please send us a screen recording of this issue. Make sure to record your entire ForkLift window because that could help us indentify the issue. Send the recording at support [at] binarynights [dot] com

    2. I also can’t connect reliably from mac to mac, and the machines sit next to each other. SMB, nada file transfers between two macs of differing OS versions. I liked the old version, it worked.

  4. Hey, I recently found ForkLift online and had been using the ForkLift 4 beta for free for a few weeks, and I liked it so much that I purchased a license the day it was released 🙂

    I can’t find where to leave general feedback, so I’ll put it here: is there a way to change the permissions of files uploaded via SFTP? All the files I upload end up as 755 (rwxr-xr-x), when I would rather they be 644 (rw-r–r–). It’s really just a nitpick, but it’s the only thing I miss from CyberDuck.
    Also, is there a way to save the window size / settings when quitting the app completely? For example, sometimes I disable the “Preview” pane and make the window smaller to make ForkLift look more like Finder, but this tends to get reset to the default full-screen window whenever I reboot my machine (or just quit and re-open ForkLift, probably).

    Thanks for the wonderful app 🙂

    1. Please check the permission issue in ForkLift 4.0. This is something that we have changed since the last beta version. ForkLift should now upload files using 644 as you also suggested. Please check and let me know if the permission is still 755.

      ForkLift should remember all changes you make to the GUI and reopen the window as you closed it. Please send us a screen recording reproducing the issue if you see a different behavior. support [at] binarynights [dot] com

      1. Looks like the file permissions issue has indeed been fixed, thanks!
        I’ll have to do more testing with the GUI. Maybe that’s since been fixed as well.

  5. Hi, finally got Forklift4. 🙂
    I found the following error, I wanted to add Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox storage, I started this by adding my favorites, first I added the Google Drive account, then I would have added OneDrive, but it took me to the Google Drive page, also for Dropbox. I eventually managed to add it to favorites by connecting from under Go/Connect, it directed me to the right place.
    Thank you.

  6. If you want to add a cloud service provider as a favorite, then you simply set the protocol (for example to Google Drive) on the Connect panel, and then instead of Connect, click Add to Favorites. You can also connect first, and then create a favorite from the Favorites menu by selecting Add to Favorites.

    1. I’m writing this, Add to Favorites doesn’t work properly, it always takes me to the Google page, even if I choose Dropbox or OneDrive, it only works from Go/Connect, then Add to Favorites.

  7. Hello,
    some questions please:
    1) Do I have to remove ForkLift 3 before installing ForkLift 4?
    2) If “not”, can I remove ForkLift 3 later without runnig into problems?
    3) Is there a way to transfer my settings?

  8. Please read at least the first part of our Quick Starter Guide that answers question 3 and offers some useful information in general:

    You don’t have to delete ForkLift 3 when transitioning to ForkLift 4. Simply move ForkLift 4 into the Applications folder using Finder and choose to “Keep Both” versions if Finder detects a conflict in the file names. If you don’t want to keep ForkLift 3, then Replace ForkLift 3 with ForkLift 4.

    Avoid using an App Deleter application to uninstall any ForkLift versions, as these applications often remove supporting files for both ForkLift 3 and ForkLift 4, potentially causing the loss of your settings and favorites. If you need to remove one ForkLift version, just move it into the Trash.

  9. Hi there,

    Based on the upgrade schedule of ForkLift 3, the first year after release in 2017 was exclusively bug fixes. With your shiny new business model – and without an upgrade path from ForkLift 3 – I don’t see a why anyone should be switching to ForkLift 4. One or even two years is too short of a time period without a commitment to improvements – or bug fixes – or a promise to addressing critical errors. Trust you, bro?

    So despite all this – because generally I like Forklift and do not at all mind supporting BinaryNights – if I decided to go ahead and upgrade my existing Forklift 3, I can do it for full price? BinaryNights used to recognize returning customers and did offer discounted upgrades to FL2 and 3. It’s not trendy any longer to do that?

    This new business model seems like a subscription without the automation of charging your customers annually and charging the full price every (other) year. (I should not give you ideas!)

    I thought you’d be better than this. I was wrong.

    It’s a no for me, FL3 still works just fine – for now. Then maybe I’ll Transmit my attention to some other software solution.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you are disappointed. This is not a subscription model because if you choose not to buy a new license because you don’t want to install updates, you can continue using the last version covered by your license. If a subscription runs out, you can’t use that app any longer. Our goal is to continuously update ForkLift with bug fixes and new features. If we can’t manage that, then obviously, our users won’t buy new licenses.

      1. Ok, from your point of view, you are correct about my subscription comment. On the other hand, we should not have to pay for bug fixes. New features? OK, fine, I understand that. But if I bought FL4 today and down the line I run into a bug that’s preventing me to use the software as intended, I should pay full price to get it fixed (assuming it’s fixed after my “free upgrade” period)? Should I pay again if it happens again? I should purchase the app over and over again?

        FL3 was last updated over a year ago. It has been abandoned for this new shiny coat of paint and a few new features not many care about. Based on this alone, the upgrade to FL4 is not worth a lot. Obviously I am biased and pick information selectively to prove my point, and again, obviously FL4 will be updated more regularly as it is just out of beta and still has many many issues.

        My questions are these: why should we switch? What plans do you have implementing new features along with bug fixes in the first 2 years? Do you have a rough timeline for feature drops? What incentives do you have to not withhold new features until a big chunk of subscriptions lapse?

        1. I agree with you, I would like to support Binarynights but FL4 final version is just released too soon. Also, you have a point, they will continue fixing bugs during the “free update” period.
          Pity, I was looking forward to FL4 but for now, I’m staying on FL3.

  10. Hello,
    Thumbs up for nice looks and take your word on some of the speed improvements.
    Still lots of questions regarding (not so obvious) functional improvements over V3.
    Would like to see a V4 vs V3 comparison table with functional additions and improvements clearly listed.
    How does e.g. iCloud support in V4 differ from that in V3?
    Regarding the new license business model – which doen’t sound that strange -, will there be a fixed and committed-to release calendar offering releases with an acceptable balance between new features and bug fixes? That would be a welcome commitment in your new business model, this idea was inspired by going through the V3 releases.
    One small issue: preview pane doesn’t show/refresh jpg image files on FTP connected share. (is working in V3).

    1. There are so many changes that creating such a list is quite overwhelming. I think the best way to decide if FL4 is worth upgrading is to keep using ForkLift 4.

      iCloud support in general, hasn’t changed in ForkLift 4. The chang regarding iCloud is the synchronization of the favorites over iCloud, which was only possible through Dropbox in ForkLift 3. Since all Mac users have an iCloud account, it is more convenient to use iCloud instead of Dropbox, which only supports 3 devices.

    1. Two big changes:

      1. Files are uploaded to SFTP servers using 644 permissions.
      2. An excessive memory usage issue, when copying large files to Onedrive, was fixed.

      Other than that, only a few minor things have been changed since beta 11.

      Beta 11 will expire very soon.

  11. Is there any grace period for people who just purchased 3?
    I bought Forklift 3 in the second half of July. I have been using the 4 beta, and will go back to using 3 if needed, I don’t feel it’s fair to immediately need to spend $20 again.

  12. It’s really pity that there is no Upgrade price announced on v3. I am in no way going to purchase a sofware again, on it’s full price, when it is not even one year of purchasing the previous version. I love Forklift v3, and probably will continue with the same for some more time.

    1. If you purchased ForkLift 3 within the last year, then your license key is still valid in ForkLift 4. Enter your license key to register ForkLift 4. In the About Forklift window you will see the date of your eligibility of free updates.

      1. That would have been nice to know before I made the purchase of v4. I even entered my v3 licence for it to check whether I was eligible for the pitiful 100 bonus days. Apparently it didn’t check whether I purchased v3 within the last year however, so I paid full price. Seriously, whoever is responsible in your company for this entire mess needs to be let go. Requesting a refund through your support right now. What a disaster.

  13. Madam, Sir,

    Sorry to see Binary Nights go the same way as other companies, towards a subscription based model. Because no matter how you turn it, your new ‘scheme’ is just another way of a subscription. Yes, I can keep using the software if I decide not to renew after one year, but what if it stop working after an OS update? No thank you, I don’t mind paying for upgrades, but I will not be held hostage by a software company. And why do certain software companies keep insisting that this if for the users’ benefit? Because it isn’t! For decades a normal pricing scheme was working and now of a sudden it isn’t?! What a load of …… Sorry, but by this action you lost a customer. Not that you really care.

    With regards,

    Angelo Machils

    1. This is a common “business model upgrade” and part of a company’s “enshitofiction” according to Cory Doctorow. First you make it cheap and easy to use a company’s product or service.

      Once there’s enough of a client base, you change the model to claw back some of the money you left on the table by offering “free upgrades for life”. Commander One added OneDrive, Google Drive, Backblaze, and Android file transfers. Filezilla Pro and Cyberduck offer way more connection options.

      Since Forklift 3 still runs on Catalina and High Sierra, I’ll stick with the old version since Forklift 4 does not.

    1. I’m wondering about this too. I found out about FL3 through Setapp and would like to know if this upgrade will be a part of the subscription!

  14. Why is the toolbar shifted to the right of the screen? How can I move it more to the left, above the left-most column?

    1. The toolbar is shifted to the right because of the title bar, this is how the toolbar is supposed to work. If you don’t like that, then as a workaround, add a lot of “Space”-s to the right side of the toolbar. You can for example add them to the left side of the search field. That way, that will stay on the right edge. If you add for example 18 spaces, the icons will be dramatically shifted to the left.

        1. From “Jenni” on your support team:

          [You can hide title bar completely so your toolbar will not be shifted.
          Go to View menu and click on “Hide Title bar”.]

          Perhaps in the future, you can check with them before spreading misinformation.

          1. I’m sorry for the confusion. I was assuming that you wanted to see the title in the toolbar, so I suggested the other option where you can keep the title in the toolbar and shift the icons to the left. The other option is hiding the title bar.

            1. Ok, thanks… frankly, I don’t see the title bar serving any purpose whatsoever except taking up space, I only have one account on my Mac, I know who I am, and I can tell from context what drive I am looking at… just seems pointless to stick that in there and force the tool bar to move right. But it’s all sorted now… thanks.

  15. I’ve been using Forklift since 2009, and I honestly wondered how it could be so cheap as it only cost me $43 in total and works so well. The updates haven’t been frequent, but it has been so stable that it hasn’t needed many updates.

    I think it will be important to prove to people that the increased cost will result in more frequent updates. Companies like Sketch launch a pricing models like this and then go subscription-only later, which makes many people wary. We’re all hurting now and I know I’m cutting out any new/unneeded subscriptions.

    Also, I’m testing the trial version, and I noticed a bug compared to v3:
    I click on the favorites button in the toolbar to open favorites, but I can’t click it again to go back to where I was. Only the ESC key works.

    1. Unfortunately, the old business model wasn’t sustainable any longer mainly because of the thing that you are mentioning. Those are less than $3 per year, which is not a fair reflection of the value that ForkLift provides.

      We will try to explain why we have chosen this model in a blog post, hopefully, that will make some things more understandable for users who feel betrayed by this model.

      It is not a bug that you can’t close the Favorites from the toolbar the same way as in ForkLift 3. You can only exit that view with the Esc key right now. I have added a feature request to bring the old behaviors back.

  16. As a long-term user of FL I cannot praise this software enough. Despite the old family-license I now use it via SetApp – will FL4 be available over there soon-ish? Would love to switch from FL3/FL4Beta to a SetApp version of Forklift, if possible. Many thanks for the outstanding work ❤️

  17. I used ForkLift 2 and 3 for a long time, so I bought ForkLift 4. I even selected the two year option, mostly because I wanted to support this launch. I kinda, secretly hoped that I get 200 days additional time but well.

    1. Thank you for supporting us. We offer 100 days of additional updates on both versions. When ForkLift 4 came out, we haven’t offered an upgrade path for existing users, which was a mistake on our part. Since then, we have changed our approach on this, and are rewarding the loyalty of our long-time users by offering them an additional 100 day bonus of free updates on top of the other bonus. We will make it possible that users, like you, who have bought ForkLift 4 before this was in effect will have the chance to claim this bonus as well. Please read more here:

  18. What a great update folks.

    I absolutely don’t mind there is no upgrade and I happily payed for a $50 license!
    You deserve it and FL is a great productivity tool for me. Every day.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. I want to be optimistic being a user since version 1.

    Indeed a pity v.3 customers are not honoured but this is 2023 were subscriptions rule.

    I think v4 was first announced 2 years ago but no real updates except bug fixes for v 3 were released.

    So sorry for me no update to 4 unless at least frequent updates appear.

  20. This is quite an unpleasant experience. I just bought a new version with two years of updates, upgraded from ForkLift 3 and all my FTP passwords are gone. All the keyboard shortcuts I had set are gone. Only favorite places and connections (withou passwords) remain. Why isn’t there any upgrade options (I mean functions, not license)?

    1. I’m sorry for that.
      Settings aren’t imported from ForkLift 3, only the favorites. The passwords aren’t stored in ForkLift but in the Keychain. Open the Keychain and check if the passwords of your favorites can be found there. When you try to edit favorites in the sidebar (right-click > Edit), are the password fields empty or do you see the dots there indicating that there are passwords saved with the favorite?

        1. I am sorry to hear that. The passwords are stored in the Keychain, and granting ForkLift 4 access to them should work automatically. Some users report the same issue as you, but we don’t know why the passwords are not imported. It is possible that users click Not allow when ForkLift asks for the user’s password for the first time to access the Keychain to have access to a stored password. If you haven’t added your passwords manually, then you could try to import the favorites again. Search for the word import in the FAQ:

    1. The only trial limitation is the Registration Window that pop ups from time to time, but it never pops up when there are ongoing activities. This way you can test all features before committing to purchasing it.

    1. Open FL4, click top left “ForkLift” > “About ForkLift”, there you will see how long you get updates including the additional 100 days.

  21. What I value most about FL3 is its stability – there’s no compromising that when dealing with low level operations. This is why I may upgrade, but not before v4.1 (like many, I fear anything with an x.0).
    Still, FL is such a time saver that $20/yr is not too much to ask.

    1. ForkLift 4 is way more stable than ForkLift 3, so hopefully, you will like ForkLift 4 just as much or even more than ForkLift 3. There were some issues in ForkLift 3 that caused most of the crashes. We have fixed all of those issues in ForkLift 4, but unfortunately, new issues can always arise. So far, we don’t see any serious issues.

      1. So, there were know issues with crashes for v3, which you didn’t fix? In order to….. force people into buying into your new scheme? For a year, there were no updates for v3 even though you were aware of issues with crashes? Nice……

        1. Sorry, I mixed up two things. I meant to say that we have fixed all known crashes of beta 4. But yes, there were known crashes in ForkLift 3 that we didn’t fix. It wasn’t possible to fix those crashes without making big structural changes in the code, so that wasn’t possible in ForkLift 3. One of the main reasons we wanted to switch to this new model is that this way we don’t have to wait to introduce big changes and adding big features until a new major update is being released.

  22. Well really glad you have updated your software which I have used since v2. I have purchased all upgrades since then. I’m rather annoyed that you have abandoned previous owners with your new pricing system and don’t think a subscription model is anything I will be buying onto. Forklift 3 is the end of the line for me, thanks for all your previous work but bye

    1. Thank you for using ForkLift for such a long time!

      Moving away from the old model was necessary because that was not sustainable any longer. Since many don’t understand why we have made this step, we will try to explain it in a new blog post in the coming days.

      Our model is not based on subscriptions. When you buy a subscription, you can’t open that app the day after your subscription expires. With ForkLift, you can still use it for as long as you want.

      We have made a mistake by not acknowledging the long-time loyalty of our old users by not offering an upgrade path from previous versions. We are really sorry for that! We have created a way to fix that mistake by offering owners of previous versions an additional 100 days of free updates on top of the other 100 day bonus. You can read more about this here:

  23. I am glad ForkLift 4.0 has been released!

    As I commented in my beta11 post, this release does not improve the speed of operation when using “New Folder with Selection” from the right-click menu after selecting multiple files.
    It was improved in beta9, but for some reason it seems to have reverted back.
    I hope this will be fixed in the next update.

    1. Yes, we have tried to fix that issue but it still takes some seconds until the name is being selected. We will try to fix that again.

  24. Is there anyway to submit bug reports for FL 4.0? Having disconnected from a server, the directory structure for that server is often, but not always, still visible.

    1. You can report issues here but also via email at support [at] binarynights [dot] com.

      Sorry for the issue, it is a known issue which is already on our bug tracker.

  25. Hi,

    Is there a way to bind the space bar to select an item in folder action? I’ve fixed most of my commander-style key bindings but this I cannot find and the space bar still works as a Quick Look shortcut.

    FL4 seems like a nice update but getting rid of the commander-style key bindings out of the box was a terrible oversight.

  26. Hello, I am a long time user of ForkLift version 3 and now I have purchased version 4 and I am not satisfied. No migration, I had to do the whole setup again. I keep getting annoyed with XCODE SDK installation. Where are the commander functions F4 – edit, f5 – copy, f6 – move and others. The path does not lead here, please advise and fix it. Thank you

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t liked the experience so far. Unfortunately, the general settings aren’t imported from ForkLift 3, only the favorites. We have removed the option to switch to the Commander style keyboard shortcuts but you can still modify those shortcuts in the settings. You only need to change a handful of shortcuts.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know what XCode SDK installation you are talking about. Could you send us a screenshot of that window? at support [at] binarynights [dot] com

      And what do you mean by “The path does not lead here”?

      1. I don’t like your attitude. i bought FL4 license without batting an eye and now i want to cry. I should have tried first and then bought. because I would NOT buy it! Your attitude says, I don’t care what anyone thinks, we have a new version and you buy it or run. it seems so from your responses to the comments. Unfortunately, I will look for an alternative.

  27. WIth Onedrive connection you are getting the same file displayed multiple times so in essence showing phantom files. Also the sync does not seem to work well with onedrive as its constantly saying folders need a sync when they dont. I have it set to size and no other options.

      1. Just noticed this comment now. I too have noticed this issue. Some folders are showing 2 versions of the same file when only one exists. And not all folders, only some. I’m still relying on the OneDrive app for syncing and plan to continue to do so. But I like having easy access to my OneDrive files that I have not made available on my Mac for space reasons, so this is a good feature for me.

  28. Hi,
    I am very surprised after all. For months I’ve been struggling to get the MAIN FUNCTION (selecting objects with the keyboard – Space) possible again. Unfortunately without hearing, despite several messages from the community from other members. But now the MainSite FL4 shows: “Keyboard Control
    Control every operation straight from the keyboard, including selecting files by pressing the spacebar.” –> I beg your pardon, where is this sorely missed feature?

    1. Sorry for that. I think somebody must have hacked our account to add that back in 😉 In all seriousness, at one time we have removed that from the code, I don’t know how that part managed to get back into it. We will remove that from the list of features very soon. At this point, we don’t intend bringing that feature back.

    1. There is some support for it but the toolbar icons are missing. We will try to add the same integration as in ForkLift 3 soon.

  29. Hi,
    adding to the disappointment of others I would like to point out that some kind of discount for returning customers of FL3 would be a nice gesture, a symbol, a little recognition of your most loyal users. I have waited for many years for this update (to fully support AWS S3) just to be treated as a brand new customer. I understand that this is business decision, I just would like to point out that it probably isn’t a good one. I will reconsider purchasing FL4 and evaluate other options instead of buying instantly. Still glad, FL4 is here and wish you all the best.

  30. Hi there, I’ve been a user of FL3 for the last couple of years and upgraded to FL4 today. I have a few issues that I’d like to report and possibly get assistance with…

    1. How does the iCloud sync work? I set up a custom favourites list on my main Mac and when I went to set it up on my MacBook Air, I can’t see where to import the favourites list I’ve created. Under Settings, ‘Sync Favorites to iCloud’ is enabled on both machines, and yet it appears to do nothing. Previously I used to keep a copy of the json file that was stored in /Library/Application Support/Forklift/Favorites, but it appears that Favorites lists are handled differently now? Is there a json file stored elsewhere that I can manually copy across to my MacBook if I can’t get the iCloud option to work?

    2. I created a Sync favourite where I am syncing a work folder to an external backup drive. The source and destinations were synced earlier today with FL3, so they were up to date. After updating a couple of files, I went to sync via FL4 and got messages referencing a lot of files that were to be deleted in the destination folder. I had an ‘Exclude Items’ rule in place for one folder I wanted excluded but these files were in the folders I am wanting to sync. Toggling this off and on seemed to fix the issue, but I’m going to have to carefully keep an eye on it.

    3. When I synced to my external drive, some files had been deleted from the source drive (deliberately) but then needed to be deleted from the destination drive. When syncing, an error message came up saying the files or folders didn’t exist on the destination drive (even though they did). I had the option to Skip or Stop. Skipping the file allowed the syncing to continue, and upon checking, the files were deleted from the destination drive. This is not how FL3 behaved when dealing with deleting orphaned files.

    They are they main glitches I’ve discovered thus far. I’m yet to try remote connections, but I felt these issues needed to be raised with you.

    1. 1. If you use the same Apple ID on both Macs, then the favorites should be automatically synced. We will check if there are issues with that feature. In Forklift 4 the favorites are stored in a database and not in a single file: ~/Library/Group Containers/ I think, if you copy the entire “” folder, then you can copy your favorites to the other Mac.

      2.+3. Could you please email us these issues with screen recordings showing you recreating this problems? support [at] binarynights [dot] com – You can also provide additional info regarding the sync issue.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me. I have sent an email with screenshots. Hopefully everything is all self explanatory.

        Also thank you for the update re location of favorites stored in the system. I’ve kept a copy of that folder for safekeeping. However, iCloud eventually did sync and what I set up on my main Mac has now synced with my MacBook. So all good 🙂

        1. Thank you for sending us the screenshots. Could you please send us recordings aka videos? Where we can see what is going on? It is possible that the screenshots will be helpful too but I think, videos would be more useful.

          I’m glad to hear that syncing works as expected now.

  31. I’m happy forklift user for years but forklift 3.5.8 we had Touch Bar support on the Mac . I don’t see it in forklift 4 now. will it came back Touch Bar support ? I think they are a lot of Mac user they have a MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar.

  32. Upgraded from 3.5.8 to 4.0 (423), the imported SFTP connections no longer work. I just got “SFTP Error: -5” and couldn’t find an explanation of what “-5” means and how to solve it. Any hints?

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t know what that means, that error message doesn’t com from ForkLift directly. Please try to connect to one of your servers directly through the connect panel to see if you can connect that way. If you can’t, then please contact us in an email and provide additional info on how you try to connect, if you are using a private key, etc.

  33. [quote]”We’ve been listening to your feedback and addressing your concerns. In ForkLift 4, we’ve squashed numerous bugs and implemented user-requested features. Your experience is our priority, and we’re committed to making ForkLift the best file manager for you.”[/quote]

    Then why is “keyboard selection” not implemented?
    Besides that, no upgrade path for Version 3 customers is quite a bummer not to mention the new licence model with no bug fixes after a year.

      1. Although it does not change the new license model, I really appreciate the new upgrade path. Thank you for that.

        But I had a good laugh reading the developer decision to not implement keyboard selection while having the marketing bs that I quoted in my first post in my mind.

  34. grumpy.guy… you speak from my heart. i have been fighting for the “keyboard-selection” for such a long time but have been met with rejection. FL4 comes refreshed, but is probably intended for dummies than for pros.
    “dual pane file manager”… they completely misunderstood the concept behind it, that “keyboard-selection” has to bring exactly that…. otherwise all these keyboard shortcuts make no sense… very, very sad the development, especially since this is promised big on the main page, that keyboard-selection is supported 🙁

    1. I don’t get the developer decision either. As it would be rocket science to implement this feature. But it is what it is. No mouse free workflow with version 4.

  35. I’m glad to see native support for cloud storage services. Is Box ( on the development roadmap? It looks like all the major services are covered except for Box. It would be nice because many big orgs, including mine, use the enterprise tier.

    1. Adding support for is on our feature request list but not on our to-do list at the moment. We hope to add support for it in the future.

  36. Congratulation for the new release. I’m not a customer yet but I’ve been trying Forklift 3 for a week at work and it’s a life changer. I tried the version 4 but at the moment I can’t buy it because of a very important feature missing for me…

    The go to folder windows is useless. Where is the history ? we can only select the folder within the folder. I can do that by just clicking with my mouse or using my arrow keyboards…

    As soon as it’s back I ll be able to buy it!

    1. In the Go to folder window you should enter paths, so technically you can use it the same way as in ForkLift 3, but you are correct the recent locations are missing which makes that feature less useful. Thank you for reporting that. We will try to fix that soon.

  37. Bug: The registration process does NOT work. Paste the registration key and it hangs forever with a spinning dial on it.
    If you force it closed, it appears to have registered, but this is a bad out-of-box-experience.

    1. As far as we know, this only happens when you are using VPN. Could that be the reason why this has happened in your case?

        1. If I understand this correctly, you have managed to register ForkLift 4 with your key, so this issue doesn’t need to be solved any longer. Please contact us in an email if you still need help with this.

  38. Hi

    You say on your Site “” under ““Keyboard Control –>
    Control every operation straight from the keyboard, including selecting files by pressing the spacebar.”

    But, i can’t find how to activate that? Also in the help-section i could not find any word about how to select items with the spacebar 🙁 What i’m missing???

    1. Sorry for the confusion. There is no keyboard selection in ForkLift 4 and we will remove that part from our site soon.

      1. Thx agnes for the quick reply.

        No simple keyboard selection possible any more? Why it’s gone… Forklift 3 had this and i (and a lot of other users i guess) can not use a filemanager without control all activities with keyboard only. As a dev. most of my time i use the keyb. only.
        The most o needed file operations can be done with the key.shortcuts.
        But for selecting files/folders with support of the mouse…. ? Is that the way you want to go?

        I recommend and wish that function back. Hope there are other users with the same wish here?

        Thx for your effort to bring them back. The rest of what i seen so far makes a fresh looking ui and supporting of s3 is great.

        1. We are asking for that since the first beta and answer is that devs removed it… Why? No answer. Anyway, no way I’m going to switch to FL4 until feature, well basic, is back.

  39. It’s pretty hard to withstand the world where everyone else tries to push a subscription instead of one time payment, used to be called a price. And it doesn’t matter if you call it that or not, because its essence is the same. No need to fool yourselves, you have moved to that model as well.
    Pity, because, like so many commenters before myself have already expressed this: I’ve been waiting for this release to buy an upgrade from v.3, but you are not going to honor your loyal customers and treat them as newcomers. So long.

    1. To defend Binarynights a bit. It’s not a subscription. The same model uses Vandyke (SecureCRT, etc.) and I think it’s fair. We cannot expect to buy version 1 and have a lifetime update to version 101 🙂 Paying for a major version update is fine. After all, we all want to stay active and keep updating and maintaining FL.

      What I and many others complain about is removing keyboard selection and in general going towards casual users. I do understand that Binarynights wants to expand its user base but a two panel file manager is more of a pro tool. Casual users have Finder.

      1. Not my point. Software vendors always provided discounts to their loyal customers when the new version was out, and this time this rule is broken.

      2. What I don’t get with this approach is that even if they are going towards casual users, there is still no point in no point in cutting keyboard selection.

        It’s not rocket science to implement and it does not interfere with casual users as it was optional in fl3.

        1. I totally agree with you. We asked that question after each beta release and we never got the answer besides, developers decided to remove that feature.

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